Mbc222 enter the first site(May 2022) Know more about it

What is mbc222?

MBC222 is a scamming group, and they claim they can hack any Facebook account on request of the customer, and most likely, they will steal your information if you contact them and give them any of your data. They also have posts under various Facebook communities where they leave a link to a fake website to lure people in. We don’t have concrete evidence against them, but we can go by the few testimonials found online by people who interacted with these criminals.


How to use mbc222?

When you get to the website’s homepage, it promises to provide you with the credentials of any www Facebook com user. That alone should be enough to drive one away, as what they are offering is illegal. The second step is to get you to click on a link to get the username and password of the account you want to hack, which is most likely a phishing attack on your computer. As soon as you click on that link, I am sure they get to hack your computer and steal any information you might have.

  • After you get to the homepage, mbc222 website will ask the user what gender they would like to hack and if that person is on their friend’s list.
  • After you answer that, the site will ask the user to paste the link of the account they wish to hack into a text box.
  • After you enter the account link you want to hack, the tool will give you an unclear username and a password, which you can’t quite make out.
  • Then it will say you have to post ads on their website under comments. After a certain number of posts, you will get the username and password, creating tons of spam comments by random victims on Facebook communities.

MBC222 is legit or not?

  • Based on the research that we have done, it’s evident that mbc222 is an e-scam, an obvious one at that, but often people fall for the most obvious scams.
  • They trick users into giving them their details through their Facebook accounts and drive traffic to their website through the Facebook comments that the users have to make to get access to the account they want.
  • If you look them up on Google, you will find tons of articles saying this is a scam; they have a trust rating of 0.8/100, which is horrible and tells us that we and everyone should stay away from this website.
  • Below is a list of testimonials from different people who were in contact with these guys or who have researched them on their own:

Information on website:

This website has a post about this group; a user named “U.S Airways” asked this website to be shut down because the link to mbc222. com is fake, and he claimed to have gotten the connection from a Nigerian’s cellphone. This scheme is Nigerian-based, and they use the website to scam people out of their money. People have many different reasons to get an account hacked, such as spying on a lover, or maybe they want to know what their Ex is up to these days, and if they see an ad like this one, they will surely go for it fall right into their trap.

Another user posted under it saying his antivirus program “Avast” stopped him from opening this good website. It means these antivirus companies are also catching on to these scams and are keeping a close eye on them.

Information on website:

This website has done a thorough examination of these guys and their websites. They give it a score of 0.8/100, which is horrendous. The VLDTR tool gives the absolute lowest score on the platform, 0.80, and has marked the business as “High-Risk, possible Phishing and Beware.” They also point out that they tested this website with a formula that aggregates 53-factor verification. Even their partners came to the same conclusion that this website is not credible, so long story short, stay away from this website.


Any website that claims to give you money or make you a superstar overnight or give you access to any Facebook account is fake, and you shouldn’t fall for it. In this particular case, they are promising to provide you with access to any Facebook account by hacking which is unethical and illegal practice. If you know you are dealing with a criminal enterprise, you should know that you can expect anything from them, and you absolutely can’t trust them. They could very well be targeting you and going after your Facebook or any other account once they get the required information from you.

The worldwide web is ample space, and a lot can happen there; people lose their identities daily, and I know many people who lost a lot of money by getting hacked online. Our privacy and safety online are our responsibility. We can only protect ourselves if we learn to recognize these threats and patterns and follow a simple saying that if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t. So I hope you learned something from this, and my advice is to stay as far away from this website as you can. 


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