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Tesla is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers on the planet today. It is the first company to successfully execute the electric car model and bring it to the masses, becoming the most popular company today. The world is moving to more Eco-friendly tools, which is why electric cars are so appealing because they won’t emit any carbon like the cars we have today. Tesla also successfully launched its satellite called “Starlink,” another feather in its cap because it sets them apart from all competitors. People seem to love Tesla, but they love its CEO Elon Musk even more because of his striking charisma and captivating personality. Tesla’s stock prices have exploded to the stratosphere, making it one of the most successful companies today. 


Electric vehicles are not the only thing Tesla is working on, and they are working on a wide variety of products like solar shingles for houses and flamethrowers. They are also working on a futuristic smartphone named Pi, which will revolutionize the smartphone industry.

Here is what we know about the tesla phone so far:

Specifications of Tesla Phone:

We do know whenever Tesla makes something; they make sure that it is unique and unlike anything we have ever seen. Tesla phone Pi will be precisely that. It will be integrated with all the other devices Tesla has made. The experience will change the smartphone industry, which is good because the smartphone industry does seem to have slowed down in the last few years. Let’s talk about the possible features of Tesla’s new smartphone:

Integration with Starlink:

The Model Pi smartphone is scheduled to be released with built-in capabilities to connect to Starlink that will let users surf the internet without relying on the other service providers that exist on this planet. Starlink provides high-speed, low latency internet, which will be accessible from anywhere on the earth and even on Mars. This high-speed internet could be used for video calls, online gaming, and even streaming high-quality content.

tesla phone

Better connectivity with Electric Cars:

Anyone who will buy Tesla phone Model Pi smartphone will indeed have an electric car. According to reports, this phone is expected to be able to control the vehicle thoroughly; the users will be able to turn the car on or off, change the temperature of the vehicle, call the car to pick them up because of the self-driving features with just the touch of a button.

Using Solar Power:

Solar power is one of the best and cleanest sources of energy. We know the sun will never stop shining, and solar technology has improved in recent years. Therefore, it is logical that we use the sun’s energy source to charge all of our devices, and Tesla’s new Model Pi smartphone will take this idea to the next level, as per reports. Of course, it won’t be the only source of power for the phone, but that’s how the phone will charge predominantly and in warmer regions. ideally, you won’t ever have to worry about charging your phone cause one of the tesla phone charger has charged upto 30 miles of range per hour.

Cryptocurrency mining:

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has been vocal about cryptocurrencies, and he even has endorsed a bunch of them like Dogecoin, etc. So it is not unreasonable to assume that the Model Pi smartphone will be capable of different mining kinds of cryptocurrencies. I wouldn’t use my phone for mining, but that is a feature I wouldn’t mind having because phones nowadays have become so powerful that they can do anything.

Connecting and Interacting with Neuralink:

Neuralink is another great invention of Mr. Musk, and he calls it the future of communication. The idea is to embed a chip an electronic chip inside the brain. Then we won’t need any physical device to communicate, we will be able to control everything we own just by our thoughts, and we will also be able to communicate with one another just by sending thoughts.

When is the Tesla Phone coming out:

Tesla has kept everything under wraps about this phone, so we don’t know much, and it’s tough to say when it will be coming out, but if all this is real, we can expect the tesla phone to come out near the end of 2024. They still need to work on a lot, and integrating Model Pi with all these technologies won’t be easy, but I believe it will be done. After the announcement was unavailable for several years, Tesla has been behind in delivering the technologies they promised, like the Cybertruck. They are still growing, and this new Giga-Factory in Texas will be able to meet all its demands and fulfill all orders on time.

How much will the tesla phone cost?

Tesla phone price in usa with all of the features mentioned above will be expensive. Like any technology, the first iteration is the most expensive one, and then later on, as the product gets in more hands, the price comes down, and the manufacturing process gets more efficient.

This phone is a rumor at this point, and it is said to have all these features; however, we do not have any evidence to suggest that it’s being developed since management has been cautious regarding the issue. If this phone is accurate, we believe it will come out with just a few features at first, and it will be priced around $1500 to $2000. 


The features we mentioned above are not available in any other device today, so it will change the smartphone industry, and all the other phone companies will have to fight hard to keep their spot. Healthy competition in any industry is good. So I think it is an excellent idea.


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