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YouTube is the most popular platform on the planet today. It has grown a lot and now has over 2.5 Billion users world wide and has a revenue of about 30 Billion per year. You can watch videos for free by watching ads or you can subscribe to its premium service but there is another way to download videos and watch them for free later on at your convenience. There are many services online which let you download YouTube MP4 videos and then watch them whenever you want. 

There are literally hundreds of converters available online for YouTube to MP4 but we will discuss the best ones today. When you search for YouTube to MP4 on Google you will get a bunch of websites to show up on top and one of them would be “Y2Mate”. 


Now lets discuss how to download mp4 from youtube:

Convert videos using Y2Mate:

This is one of the best converters you will find online and that is why it shows up on top. It has a desktop friendly user interface and really easy and intuitive features. It is a completely free YouTube to MP4 converter and lets you download unlimited videos with high-quality encoding and also lets you convert YouTube videos to 1080P MP4 format on the click of a button. 

The end result is compatible with all available operating systems like Windows, Mac, IOS, Android and Linus as well. It also supports multiple audio and video files like MP3, 3GP, AVI, M4V, MP4 and many many more. 

And like I said it is completely free so if anyone asks you for money for this service be sure to walk away from it as it is most likely a scam. This site is completely free and the best thing is you don’t even need to sign up or create any sort of account to use this service. Just launch the website and you are ready to convert any video found on YouTube to MP4 in the highest possible quality.

Let me also take you through a step by step guide on how to download YouTube videos to MP4 from this service:

Step 1:

download youtube mp4

You can tell by looking at the image above that you can download YouTube videos in MP4 and also in MP3 audio as well. So be sure to click on the MP4 tab up top if you want to download videos from it.

Step 2:

Next step is to find a video that you want to download, go to YouTube and find your favorite video and copy its link from the address bar and if you are using a mobile phone you can click on the share button on the YouTube app and it will let you copy the link of the video as well. It will be one of the options in the share menu on IOS and on Android as well.

Step 3:

youtube to mp4

You can tell I am a fan of The Weekend, I love his work. So this is what you will see when you enter the link to your video. You can see on the right side you have many different options of conversion and it also shows you the size of the video when you convert it. 

Step 4:

So lets say you want to convert the video to MP4 in the best possible resolution you will click on the 1080P convert button and then that button will change to the download button which will let you download the video to your device. It is that simple, in just a few clicks of the buttons you have your favorite video on your device to view whenever you want.

Convert videos using 4K Video Downloader:

This is another service that lets you download YouTube MP4 videos and it is actually a program that you have to download and install on your computer which can be a bit cumbersome but when you get used to it, you find out that it is one of the best services out there. You can find this program on their website just search for 4K video down loader on Google and it will be the first website that popups up. 

The benefit of using this software is that it has more features than anything else out there. You can download videos, playlists, channels and even subtitles from YouTube. You can download any video or playlist you like at the highest possible quality and this lets you download it in 4K as well which is not available anywhere else. This service is also completely free, just download it and you don’t even need to register yourself for it.

Conclusion, there are hundreds of services out there that let you download YouTube to MP4 or MP3 but these two are the best as per my experience. These services are free and easy to use, so have fun downloading your favourite videos.

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