Which is better to have a desktop or laptop?

Which is best for home use desktop or laptop? It is a never-ending debate because both have different pros and cons. You may consider one after comparing several factors, such as your needs, budget, internal storage, etc. In this way, you can choose the best device, either a desktop or laptop. 

Before you get started, it is essential to understand that both devices have their own benefits. You will definitely pick one according to your preferences and needs. For your convenience, here are some essential factors to compare. 

Understand the Difference Between Desktop and Laptop

Do you need a stationary, static computer to keep on your office or bedroom desk? You can choose a desktop computer with a keyboard, a mouse, a tower and a monitor. Compared to laptops, these are customizable, and you can choose your favorite parts. Remember, customization options are limited for laptops.

Laptops need limited space compared to desktops because of a built-in keyboard, a built-in screen, and a trackpad to use a mouse. However, laptops are portable and all-in-one devices with USB inputs on either side for different peripherals. These may vary in shape, weight, and size. 

Do desktops last longer than laptops? 

People often prefer laptops for video streaming, social media, word processing, reading, gaming, etc. It may depend on the quality of the desktop or laptop because some laptops run efficiently for over five years. Though their lifespan is less than desktops but rugged laptops are also available.

If you need roaming freedom, a laptop can be a suitable choice. A fully charged laptop may last a day for learning and working. Furthermore, you can get extra batteries for travel or heavy streaming.  

What are the advantages of a desktop over a laptop?

A desktop computer offers a number of advantages over a laptop computer. Firstly, desktops are typically more powerful, which means they can handle more complex tasks. They also tend to have larger screens and better graphics, making them better for multimedia work. Finally, desktops often come with more storage options, making them better suited for storing large files.

A desktop computer is typically more reliable and easier to use than a laptop. They are also typically faster and have more memory. Laptops are good for traveling, as they are lighter and smaller. However, a desktop is usually easier to use and more reliable when it comes to software and hardware updates.

Desktop computers are typically faster and more powerful than laptops. They also tend to have larger screens, making them better for tasks such as writing or editing documents. Laptops, on the other hand, are often lighter and smaller, which can make them more portable. Additionally, many laptop models come with additional features such as a touchscreen or a detachable keyboard that make them better suited for certain tasks. This answer would also clear that why desktop is better than laptop.

Cost of Desktop and Laptop

The price of desktop computers may vary because of several components; therefore, it is possible to get a powerful system for almost $600. Varieties are limited in laptops compared to desktops, but you can get powerful machines in terms of speed, storage space, graphics, etc. 

According to the brand, if you need a powerful laptop, you may need almost $1000 or even more. Indeed, desktops are cheaper than laptops, but you will not get roaming freedom with desktops.


For laptop vs. desktop performance, you have to consider numerous factors, and the processor is one of them. Desktops contain large and powerful processors that may not be available in laptops. Processors in laptops have limited capabilities as compared to desktops. 

Remember, gaming laptops contain equally powerful processors, but they are really expensive. You have to increase your budget to get a laptop with a powerful processor for equal performance.

Power Usage

Before buying a desktop or laptop, you should consider the power usage of both machines. Laptop computers need less power than desktop computers. These machines come with a battery; therefore, you should not worry about power outages and fluctuations. 

Desktop computers require more power compared to laptops. Usually, a desktop needs a high wattage cord, a monitor, and several components. You can lose your document in case of a power outage.

Is it OK to use a laptop as a desktop?

You cannot use your laptop without ventilation because it can impact its lifespan. However, you can make some adjustments, such as a change in screen size. Make sure to run your laptop with a good battery to avoid heat.

desktop or laptop

Desktop monitors may be 19” or large, but you have to adjust them to a fixed place. Laptops are famous for their portability feature; therefore, screens may vary from 10” – 17”. Fortunately, you can connect your machines to big monitors, projectors, and TVs. 

Keyboards for Laptop and Desktop

Laptops come with different types of keyboards according to their size. For instance, small laptops have small keyboards without a number pad. You will get a number pad on large laptops. Yet, you should not worry because you can connect a desktop keyboard with a laptop.


Laptops are more flexible than desktop computers. These are suitable for portable computing. From foldable and 360-degree designs to detachable screens, laptops have dramatic change from their classic construction.

Final Verdict

Everyone can pick a desktop or laptop according to their expectations and requirements. As a result, no one can deny the importance of both machines. You have to consider your lifestyle before choosing a suitable device. Consider your style, convenience, style, and workflow before choosing a machine. 

The laptop is a suitable choice for students and travelers. Indeed, you can buy one according to your budget and needs. Moreover, a desktop will give you an amazing gaming experience. Several offices prefer to buy desktop machines for their workers.  


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