How many types of trees in India – Uses and Benefits

Do you want to know how many types of trees are found in India? You will find several trees because the country has a rich biodiversity with almost 40,000 types of trees. It has a 12 percent contribution to worldwide planting with over 3,000 types of trees. You will find almost 15,000 flowering plants. According to sources, 18,000 varieties of plants are available in India. Some common types of trees in India are Amla, Neem, Gul Mohar, Turmeric, Cotton, Pine tree, and Banyan.

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Medicinal Uses and Benefits of Indian Trees

The ecological system needs trees as a backbone because trees offer shelters to animals, birds, and other living creatures. Special trees attract archaeologists and researchers. It binds soil from roots and avoids soil erosion. Several medicinal trees, including Alo Vera, Neem, and Turmeric, contain anti-fungal and antibacterial properties to remove blister marks and heal wounds.

types of trees in india

Researchers are interested in how many types of trees are found in India because they want to study old and new plants. Undoubtedly, trees are an important part of the livelihood of the country. Several trees like Bamboo are important for construction. Here is a list of some common types of trees in India with uses and benefits.

Banyan Tree

You can see these trees in different regions of India. It grew in special soil and is referred to as a national tree of India. If you want the oldest Banyan tree, visit Kolkata. The height of this huge tree is over 21 m, and the leaves are 10 cm to 20 cm long. Indian people use leaves as plates, and wood is beneficial for making furniture. Moreover, bark, seeds, and leaves are useful for different disorders and diseases.

Peepal Tree  

Peepal Tree  

The peepal tree is famous for its fast growth and heart-shaped leaves with a crown. During March and April, it starts shedding its leaves. Numerous people prefer to use its leaves for decoration. If you wonder how many types of trees found in India, you cannot ignore a peepal tree. Fortunately, the peepal tree is useful to heal wounds and good as ear drops. Root barks can clean ulcers and prevent urinary troubles and gum diseases. Asthma patients can use its fruit to relieve their symptoms.

Palm Trees

Palm trees belong to the Arecaceae family, and these are important for ecosystem of the tropical ecosystem. The family has almost 2,600 species belonging to 200 genera worldwide. Almost 106 types of palm trees in India are available. Caryota, Sago, Date, Palmyrah, and several other palms are important for neera (sweet water), starch, and fruits of decorating plant parts. Palms can be classified into three categories such as wild, ornamental, and cultivated.

Neem Trees

Neem is a household name in several Asian countries. Trees images show rough and straight trunks; therefore, it is easy to identify neem plants. Every part of this tree is beneficial because herbalists use neem for chickenpox treatment. Indian people use wood to make furniture.

Aloe Vera Tree

Trees named Aloe Vera are almost 12 – 16 inches high. It looks beautiful with fleshy and thick leaves containing sharp edges without a stem. Remember, leaves are in a triangular fashion containing aloe vera gel. Aloe Vera is popular in the food industry and cosmetic industries. It grows in sunny locations and sandy soil with regular watering requirements.

Amla Plant

Amla Plant

You cannot forget amla while answering how many types of trees are there in India. Remember, Amalaki is a famous name for amla in India. It is a medium deciduous tree with a crooked trunk and spreading branches. Linear-oblong and feathery-shaped leaves smell similar to lemon.

The use of amla is beneficial for health and improves the immunity of the human body. It is one of India’s oldest types of trees, with 8 to 18 meters in height. Amla is loaded with Vitamin C; therefore, you can use it to treat the common cold. Moreover, amla is commonly used in jellies, pickles, shampoo, etc.

Overall, how many types of trees are found in India mcq is a challenge to answer because several types of trees are still mysterious. Some other plants are Eucalyptus, Tulsi plant (a religious and holy) plan in India, Mahagony, India Rosewood, Tulip tree, Sal tree, etc. Undoubtedly, you can see versatile types of trees in India.

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