5 Best Free Background Check Sites of 2022

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Nowadays, searching for the perfect occupant and hiring the right candidate is not easy. If you want to avoid hiring the wrong customer or tenant, make sure to conduct a background check with the help of one of the free background check sites. It will give you peace of mind and save you from unnecessary hassle in the long run.


How do I get a free background check on someone?

Background checks include credit reports, criminal history, previous addresses, employment history, education, and professional and personal reference checks. If you need the best background check platform, here is a list of free background check sites.

First Advantage

How to do a background check on someone for free? First Advantage can help you with quick results within 24 hours. You can use it for worldwide background checks. You can manually reach out to different candidates for extra information. 

First Advantage offers background checks in over 96% of territories and countries. It is equally good for international organizations and small businesses. Anyone can trust it because it offers drug testing and fingerprint-based background checks through the FBI. You should not expect a free background check without paying.


Intelius allows you to find a particular person and their connections easily. For instance, your old school friend allows you to connect with additional friends in their connection list. If you want a criminal background check, Intelius can be the right choice. It can search over 20 billion public records, such as phone numbers, court records, online profiles, traffic offenses, and arrest records. 

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You can search public records through address, phone number, or name. Undoubtedly, it is an easy way to collect important information if you are searching for roommates or dates online. A monthly subscription is available for $29.63 per month for unlimited reports.


PeopleLooker can aggregate data for properties and individuals. You can use this website for confidential searches. Fortunately, it is good for a free background check on myself. It is useful to check about you and remove wrong information about you. Sometimes, mean people add false information about your life. This site makes it easy to remove false information about you.

It is a reliable, affordable, and transparent service for background searches. Indeed, you can enjoy a totally free background check no credit card needed using PeopleLooker because a five-day trial is available. For detailed reports, you can choose a premium plan.


If you want a background check and credit report at an affordable rate, Rentberry can be an appropriate website. It is a 100% free background check for landlords because tenants will pay money. You will immediately get a comprehensive report.

Remember, background checks are for the USA only, but landlords can list worldwide properties. Landlords can list their properties for free and enjoy free background check Texas and other areas.


Is there a totally free background check? It is a small amount for details, such as jail terms, mugshots, felony records, dispositions, probation details, etc. You can enjoy an affordable 5-day trial period with InfoTracer.  

InfoTracer can detect hidden social media accounts, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Moreover, you will get details of relatives like names, addresses, phone numbers, and date of birth.


Do you want to hire a reliable and qualified candidate? GoodHire offers comprehensive background check free. Usually, it provides standard criminal background reports, but you can buy extra reports, including healthcare sanctions, employment verification, education, and credit history. However, you have to pay a small amount, but it will not disturb your budget.

You can choose a suitable package considering your needs. GoodHire offers premium, standard and basic checks. If you want to run over 25 background checks each year, buy a GoodHire plan.  

Final Verdict

Several free criminal background check sites allow you to find the best tenant and candidate. You will get the credit history and criminal records of potential candidates. As a result, it will be easy for you to verify your education, past employment, professional references, etc.

People try to find out How to get a free background check. It is possible for landlords if they use Rentberry. You have to pay a small fee for other sites and enjoy huge benefits. Remember, this small fee can save you from criminals.

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