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Custody Battle for Khai Between Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik: Find Facts

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik want the safety of their daughter Khai Hadid Malik; therefore, they are trying to maintain a cordial relationship. Things are going smoothly between them as they try to be the best co-parents for their child. Malik wants to become a responsible father and tries to be available for the little one.

After a breakup, the former lovebirds are working on their relationship with their daughter. According to sources, they try different things as co-parents instead of wasting their time in a custody battle. Khai hadid malik birthday is in September. 


Private and Safe Space for Khai

According to a social media post of Khai Hadid Malik’s father, he is a private person and wants to design a private and safe space for Khai to live and grow up in. Undoubtedly, a private family needs a break from the outside world. They do not want to disclose their private matters to the world for poking and picking. He shared all this after an accusation of an altercation from Yolanda Hadid (mother of Gigi). 

To protect private space, he avoids contest claims because of an argument with a family member of his partner who came to his home while his partner was away numerous weeks ago. In the end, he wished healing time to everyone involved in this matter. 

Why did Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid break up?

After six years of relationship, Zayn Malik (former member of One Direction and Singer) and Gigi Hadid (model) broke up. Gigi and Zayn have a daughter Khai Hadid Malik two years old. Apparently, the couple broke up post a violent argument between Zayn and Yolanda Hadid.

Both parties in this argument share a different sort of story. On 28 October, Gigi Hadid’s husband was in the news for hitting a security guard and Yolanda during an argument. After this incident, the singer penned a lengthy statement and finally denied hitting her.

khai hadid malik

According to sources, Zayn Malik’s wife was away probably at Paris Fashion Week during this incident. Yolanda visited their Pennsylvania residence, which turned bad between Yolanda and Zayn. A newspaper accused Zayn of pushing Yolanda. He pushed her towards dressed and fought off one security guard.

A few minutes post this report, and Zayn shared his side of the story through social media claiming to be a private person and need a safe space for his daughter. It is a private family matter for Zayn, and people should stay away. He needs a peaceful family environment for his daughter.   

Different Statement from Zayn

Zayn gave a different statement to TMZ after this article. He claimed to deny hitting Yolanda Hadid adamantly and declined to give more details for her daughter. Singer hopes that Yolanda may reconsider all false allegations and consider healing family issues privately. Zayn and One Direction fans defend him using Twitter through the “Free Zayn” trend.  

After this incident, Gigi and Zayn broke up and co-parented. Yolanda is protective of Gigi and needs the best for her granddaughter and daughter. However, Gigi supports her decision to become a co-parent with Zayn for Khai. Khai Hadid Malik age is only two years, and she deserves to live with both parents.

Court Orders for Zayn

On 29 October, the court charged Zayn four times with harassment to entertain Gigi and Yolanda. Zayn did not plead contest against a charge. He has been fined and provided 90 probation days for every charge, which means 360 days. Now, he is bound to attend anger management classes and a course related to domestic violence. Moreover, he has to break all ties with the security guard and Yolanda. 

Safaa Malik and Waliyha Azad (Zayn’s sisters) defend their brother among these allegations. They shared a long post on their Instagram talking about Karma and compatibility in marriage. However, Gigi had not addressed this incident and spoke out through her representative. She is focused on Khai Hadid malik and needs privacy.

The adorable child is doing great, and there are several videos on Instagram proving how smart this little princess is. Moreover, fans of Gigi and Zayn are really excited about the Khai Hadid Malik face video. Overall, both are trying to become great co-parents for Khai.


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