How to compress a video on iPhone?

Every new iPhone comes with a powerful camera app and features. As a result, the video becomes larger and needs more space in your phone. You will soon run out of space if you do not pay attention. However, you can transfer videos to your computer from your iPhone but compressing them is another option. Compress video iPhone allows you to decrease their size.

Remember iPhone lacks a built-in feature to compress videos. Fortunately, it is easy to compress videos on iPhone to free up space. You can use third-party apps to decrease the size of videos after recording them.

How do I reduce the size of a video on my iPhone?    

You can adjust settings to compress iPhone video for email and storage space. Here are some simple instructions:

  • Open the Settings app on iPhone to change the recording resolution for videos.
  • Tap “Camera” and click on “record video”.
  • Now, several options will appear to select as the default video size. By selecting a suitable option, you can store and record small videos. You will find more options in new models of iPhone.

If you need a high-resolution video, adjustments in settings can be useless for you. iPhone does not offer an integrated feature to compress videos. In this situation, you will need a third-party app. Fortunately, you can find free video compressors online.

How do I reduce the MB size of a video?  

By reading online reviews, you can choose the best video compressor app for iPhone. Here are some easy steps to use a video compress app.

Download “Video Compress” application.

Launch it and hit the “settings” icon to select the file type you want to export.

How to compress video on iPhone

Now return to the main menu and tap an orange button to choose a video.

Compress video iPhone

Now select a video by hitting it to compress video iPhone online and hit a checkmark in the right upper corner.

compress iPhone video for email 

To pick the target size of compressed video, use a slider at the base of the screen. By moving the slider to the left, you can decrease the file size.

How to compress video on iPhone

Once you are done, tap on the save button in the top corner. The video compressor will start compressing the video and save this file on your phone.

How do I compress an iPhone video to email?

You can do it with a compressor app that can reduce the size of your file without disturbing the original data. As a result, the file will take less space on your device, and you can easily transfer it on the internet. Usually, file compression is divided into two types: lossless and lossy.

Undoubtedly, lossy compression is suitable for media forms for companies such as Netflix and Spotify. A video compressor will try to preserve the quality of your video while lossy compression. If your files have crucial information, avoid using lossy compression. Wonder how to compress a video on an iPad? You can use the same video compressor for your iPad.

On the other hand, lossless compression perfectly reconstructs your original file while reducing its size. It will not throw away any information but remove redundancy. You can use lossless compression to compress important files.

How do I send a large video file from my iPhone?

Media converter is a free app for iPhone users to compress and convert videos. Before sending a large video file from your iPhone, use the best free video compressor app for iPhone. See how it works:

  • Download the media converter on your phone and install it.
  • Hit (+) Add at the top and choose photos library.
  • In this way, the app can access your phone gallery, and you will see a video that you want to compress.
  • Now choose a file format from the menu to compress iPhone video for email free.
  • Feel free to modify other options and “Start Conversion” to convert your video.
  • Finally, you will find converted images on its main interface.

Final Verdict

If you want additional space in your iPhone, follow the methods mentioned above to compress video iPhone. You can also compress a video online if you do not want to install a compressor on your iPhone. These apps are free with premium features. Carefully choose one for your videos.

Do you want to know how to compress a video on android? You can download the same app designed for android devices. 

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