How to get shein points for free? how do shein points work

Shein points is a new concept that is taking over the beauty industry. It’s basically a way to get more points for your products by recycling them. The more points you have, the more discounts you can get on your next purchase.

SHEIN offers a wide range of clothing and styles. It offers great coupons, discounts and the Bonus Points program which can help you reduce your expenses.

You can either use the shein points you have earned, or learn some tricks and tips to get the most from SHEIN.

What do SHEIN points do

You can use SHEIN points to deduct up 70% of your total order amount, exempting postage and taxes. Although earning points can seem daunting, it is easy with the bonus points program. This post will show you how to earn more points.

The Shein app allows you to check your points by visiting the “Points” section. You can also view how many points you have earned and which ones are expired.

It is important that you note that you can only receive a maximum of 10 points

  • Maximum of 8,000 points per hour overall
  • Maximum of 2,000 points per comment
  • Event participants can earn up to 500 points each day.
  • Surveys are limited to 200 points per day

If you have a large order of clothing, you should not post comments all at once as you could quickly exceed the daily limit. You can wait until the next day before uploading shopping comments.


How to earn shein points?

shein points

It is easy to earn Shein points. All you have to do is one of the following actions:

  • Verify your email: 100 points.
  • Shop at Shein 1 point per dollar spent after you confirm receipt of the order
  • Comments on products: 5 Points for leaving a comment. 10 points if your comment includes an image. 2 points if you add a comment that has a size rating.

Wait until you get your order before leaving a comment. Log in to your account and go to the “sent orders” section. Depending on which operating system you have (Android or iOS for iPhone), you may need to click the three dots to add comments. Or, the “Comments” button will appear directly.

We will then be able add comments, a star rating and a picture of the product. We will receive five points for each comment. If we add a photo, it will double.

1. Check in daily

check in daily

It is very simple to earn points by checking in to the application each day. To validate points, it is more than just logging in to the app. You must also click the daily access button located on the homepage.

Special events are marked by a special check in that awards extra shein points.

Daily check-ins have a seven-day cycle. Logging in each day will give you more points. In total, 37 shein points can be earned per week.

The best part is that we get a surprise on days 3, 6, and 7. This can be a gift, or additional points.

2. Participate in outfit contests

how to get shein points for free

You can also win discounts by entering contests in the mobile app. The most accessible contest is the outfit contest.

Each week Shein releases a new theme. You can make an outfit using Shein items. There are 73 outfits to choose from, and each user can win between 100 and 1,000 points depending on which category they won. This is the place to be if you love fashion.

3. Don’t miss Shein’s Lives

You can catch Shein on live TV to hear the latest in fashion, beauty, and pop culture news. You can also win points or gift cards at random.

Live broadcasts are held on Wednesdays. During broadcast, a gift box or chest appears. Click on the box to open it and you will receive points or a gift.

You should be alert as they may appear multiple times during the live broadcast. Share the live broadcast on your social media platforms to earn 5 points, and 400 points by participating in the extra points contests.

4. Go to Shein’s survey center

You will see the “Survey Center” section when you access your Shein profile via the mobile app. Sometimes surveys appear and give you extra points. They gave 20 points to the last survey.

5. Check out Shein’s new campaigns

This site offers new promotions every week. Many of them give extra points for a specific time period. If you are looking to save even more money, this site will keep your eyes peeled because they know that the best reward for shoppers is a good deal.

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