How to rent a movie theatre for your family?

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie in a theatre alone or with your family? If that is you, then you are lucky because you can rent the whole theatre for yourself and I will tell you how to rent a movie theatre. For decades, theatres have thrived because everyone loves a good movie night, which is the go-to thing for many people on a Friday night. Dinner and a movie afterward are considered a perfect night out, but that can be ruined if you get some loudmouths in the theatre. I don’t particularly appreciate it when people talk loudly in the theatres. I have also seen guys who are on the phone while the movie is playing, which to me doesn’t make any sense, but unfortunately, you can’t do anything about that. So to have the best possible experience for a movie, you can now rent the whole theatre just for your group or family.

When Covid-19 first came onto the scene, theatres were one of the first ones to be closed, and as the hysteria grew stronger, all fun activities got closed down, and our lives got disrupted. We couldn’t participate in any leisure activities, and it has been tough on everyone physically and mentally. Cineplex recently announced “Private Movie Nights” for groups and families, so if you have a big family and want to take them all for a movie night, you can do that by booking the whole theatre for yourself.

how to rent a movie theatre

This private screening offering provides Canadians a way to watch their favorite movie on the big screen at any time of the day. This is perfect for holidays when holiday movies start coming out, and you want to watch them with your kids; you can do that now. The starting price for a group of 20 guests is $125, which is highly inexpensive considering what you are getting; Canadians can rent a private auditorium and select a movie out of thousands of titles available and enjoy.

how to rent a movie theatre?

You can rent a movie theatre by going to Cineplex’s website and following this link ( The pandemic hit the theatre industry the hardest; this is their time to recover from it, and I think it is a great tactic to bring customers back and out of their houses. The largest cinema chain in Canada has been having a rough time these past couple of years; the earnings have dropped around 95%, which is alarming. Their stock prices also plummeted, but this new idea will bring customers back, with so many good movies coming out this year. I predict 2022 will be a comeback year for movies and cinemas; now, the answer to the question of how to rent a movie theatre is simple, go on their website and book the whole theatre and support this business and have a great night yourself.

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