I’ll show you how to get to the Hinterlands in Wow Classic. It will also show you how to access Hinterlands the horde flight route effortlessly. 

Within World of Warcraft, the Hinterlands is a region within the Eastern Kingdoms. The Hinterlands are the home of members of the Wildhammer Clan, a clan of dwarves with an ongoing rivalry with the Ironforge Dwarves. They are also home to the Ironforge dwarves. Hinterlands contain a range of other animals, including the wolves, eagles and bears. The Horde is able to reach the Hinterlands by traversing the Wetlands and finally Loch Modan.

The Hinterlands are the newest zone within World of Warcraft however, they’re already packed with things to do. Starting with to the Timbermaw Furbolgs to the Vilebranch Trolls The Hinterlands is a vast and varied region with many quests to complete as well as secrets to be discovered as well as animals to track, and more.

The Horde is now focusing on escaping the Hinterlands as fast as they can This makes this an ideal location where you can join in. You’ll notice numerous opportunities to be involved in all kinds of problems. The mobs are hard here and there are plenty of rewards for those who are able to overcome them.

How To Get To The Hinterlands?

how to get to the hinterlands

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From Orgrimmar

It is necessary to go towards Tristfall Glades from Orgrimmar and continue south on Silverpine. Following that, you’ll arrive at Hillsbrad Foothills. As you get to Hillsbrad you will be able to see access the Hinterlands. It is located to the to the north-east from Durnholde Keep. Continue to move and you’ll arrive at hinterlands. This road can easily lead you to Aerie Peak.


There is a different route to hinterlands by crossing the western plaguelands. If you go to the west, you will find a pathway located near the the scholomance. The path will take you towards the south, and, by taking this path you won’t have to go over Aerie peak.


You can also access wow classic from the eastern plaugelands. From the gate, go west , and then follow the path between the mountains until Plaguemist Ravine. Follow the troll to Shindigger’s Camp. There you are. Now you are in The hinterlands.

How to Get to Hinterland Horde Flight Path?

Once you’ve reached the Hinterland After that, it is easy to reach Horde Flight Path. Start from the North-East of Jintha’Alor and then turn towards The Overlook Cliffs.

Then you will reach Revantusk Village in south-east. Continue along this path and you will reach the flight path of the horde within the Hinterlands.


We hope that the above guide has helped you find your way to Hinterlands and the Horde Flight Path. Thank you for reading, if you have any further questions, comments or feedback be sure to leave a message below.

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