How old is Toga? (Everything you need to know)

This write–up is for all those who are fans of Toga and want to know how old is toga, and we will disclose every aspect related to a Toga. Toga’s full name is Himiko Toga. 

Who is Toga? 

Toga is a small, white-skinned girl. If we talk about her eyes, her eyes have a remarkable resemblance to cat eyes as she has yellow-colored concave-shaped eyes. She wears regular clothes, a shirt and a skirt, both in dark blue. She also uses a red stroller around her neck. She always used to smile and never got afraid of anything. Mostly people ask this question how old is Toga? The answer is that Toga is 17 years old girl who loves pomegranates and blood.


Regarding how she looks, Himiko is a relatively petite, fair-skinned woman who is extremely susceptible to blushing. She is frequently described as a beautiful girl. Her eyes are similar to those of cats since they are slightly inwards and yellow-colored and have thin slits. Her mouth is very feline as the lower and upper canines are sharper and wider than the rest of her teeth, creating an appearance of a vampire. Her hair is styled in two messy places, and she has dirty blonde buns. With a variety of hair strands that are wild hanging out of her middle at every angle and place, they’re tacked with a straight pony. Two side bangs that are chin-length to frame her face.

toga appearance

She is wearing casual clothes, a basic Seifuku with the Kansai collar. Both the skirt and top are dark blue and have the trim of white and double. A red scarf is tucked loosely under it. In addition, she has on an enormous beige sweater with a long hem, cuffs, and hem and pockets to both sides. on the right side, there are a variety of jewellery pieces, either as a keychain or the strap of a mobile phone.

On the other hand she wears ankle-high black socks with black lace and Dark brown shoes with high heels. The style is very similar to shoes worn outdoors by Japanese students at school.


Let’s take a look at the the overall capabilities and capabilities of Himiko Toga. In terms of combat skills, Himiko is a very skilled and dangerous fighter, who is not just able of combat in melee using Pro Heroes of My hero academia, but she is also an expert at disguise infiltration, camouflage and infiltration because of her shape-shifting ability. Espionage is among her best-known talents as she holds her breath while clearing her head and which allows Himiko to disappear and disappear completely from the view of her adversaries. Her use of this skill is not just to set up ambushes, but it can also be utilized to fight and disappear when the enemy distracts your attention for even a second.

Himiko Toga is a fighter with remarkable agility, reflexes , and acrobatic abilities that help her in battle even although she does not possess an innate talent that boosts her skills. They have been extremely helpful to himiko in many of battles she’s had to fight on the hero academics of my hero.

Additionally, Himiko Toga is very adept in the use of knives that she employs together with her increased mobility. Himko attacks her adversaries at close range, as well as throws her blades at a considerable distance. She even disabled Rock Lock before stabbing him unconscious.

Nature of Toga:

Toga always has a bright smile on her face. She never fears anything, which shows when Tomura Shigaraki tries to kill her but gets bored instead of afraid. Toga is mentally disturbed as she may have disfigured about love and friendship. In My Hero Academia, Toga behaves like a child; sometimes, she shows high tantrums.

how old is toga

The Toga was a joyful girl, but after some incidents, maybe she has become a killer. This change in Toga has amazed everyone who knows her. Toga has two sides; one is difficult, and the other is so emotional and loving, as we saw in My Hero Academia when her dear friend was killed twice in Paranormal Liberation War. After that, she decides to take revenge for its murder. 

Who is Toga s boyfriend? 

Ochaco Uraraka is their boyfriend of Toga revealed in My Hero Academia. Toga has feelings for Ochaco Uraraka, but she mostly hides her emotions. She blushed whenever she saw him.

Is Himiko Toga LGBT? 

Toga is an ambisexual character.

Power of Toga:

Cyberespionage is one of the best powers of Toga. she uses this attribute to trap the enemy. The second-best detail or power she holds is her transformation ability. Himiko’s Quirk allows her to transform into another personality. She transforms into the person with whom blood she inlet. Even she can change her voice, and she can copy the voice.

Weapons Toga use in My Hero Academia: 

The weapons she uses in My Hero Academia are as listed below: 

  • Blood Sucking Machine 
  • Combat Knives 
  • Capsules for storing blood 


This write-up is for those who love Toga and My Hero Academia. We have discussed Toga appearances to how old is Toga. The Toga was not a killer, she becomes a killer after some incidents in her life, before this change, she was a cheerful, comic nature girl whom everyone loves. She may have a misconception about love and friendships and relationships too which makes her a killer. If you like this write-up let us know in the comment box below. 

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