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Who is the Most Ratchet Asian Girl (2022) Get Useful Detail!

If you are a fan of lovely Mimi, this write-up is for you. We will disclose all the facts about the most Ratchet Asian Girl, Mimi. Mimi gets fame within a short period through a reality show, and she gets popular because of her distinctiveness throughout the globe. 

Who is the most ratchet Asian girl?

If we talk about the most Ratchet Asian Girl, the only name that comes to mind is lovely Mimi. Her real name is Myha Thi Luong. She took birth in Vietnam on April 27, 1990. She is an Instagram influencer and a TV reality show star. Attractive Mimi takes to participate in the second series of the TV reality show in 2017. She owns the best nail salon in Atlanta, and her saloon is considered the best manicurist salon in Atlanta. 

Where can you find her?

Although her face hasn’t been seen or known about for more than 100 years, there’s the possibility that the person in the photo appears to be Fanny Hill. The woman not identified on the left in this black-and-white photograph was photographed between 1855 and 1865 in England, most likely in London.

She is wearing a low-cut dress that reveals her full cleavage and shows what appear to be leg stockings. While she’s looking away from the camera, the hair is styled in the form of a long braid that falls across her back. It’s possible this photo could be that of Fanny Hill, as she was popular in London in the era and was a fan of exposed clothing. There aren’t any other identifying characteristics of the woman in the photo, so it isn’t easy to know the woman’s identity or background.

The early life of lovely Mimi: 

The childhood of lovely Mimi is not so good, she and her family face a lot of troubles as they move to the US, and before moving, they lived in a shelter camp. She has five siblings. Mimi, from the start, was a rebel child; she has expelled from school due to her alcoholism and spent most of her time in juvenile detention centres. 

Specifications of lovely Mimi: 

  • Real name: Myha Thí Luong 
  • Birthplace: Vietnam 
  • Birthdate: April 27, 1990 
  • Native language: Vietnamese 
  • Lovely Mimi Height:5ft3inches(163cm)
  • Lovely Mimi Weight:59kgs 
  • Lovely Mimi Age:30 years old.
  • Lovely Mimi surgery: she went for bootie surgery in 2017.
  • Lovely Mimi Hobby: One of her hobbies is having tattoos. That’s why she has many tattoos on her body.
  • Source of income: Social media platforms and from the TV reality show MTV.

Who is Mimi’s husband? 

The Ratchet Asian Girl’s husband’s name is Remy Skinner, and they tied the knot in 2010 and have three children.  

Lovely Mimi on Social Media Platforms: 

Most Ratchet Asian Girl

Firstly, lovely Mimi started the Instagram account to promote her business after gaining fame on social media sites. She makes a video on “Asian versus American,” Mimi divides the relationship between a Vietnamese lady and her American sweetheart. She gets fame through all the efforts she makes.

She has nearly 3.3 million followers on Instagram and almost 7000 posts that she shares with her fans. And then, in 2016, she became active on Twitter, where she has nearly 500 + tweets and 8500 followers; if we talk about her Facebook account, she has a high fan following. And she has almost 13k followers. After all these achievements, if we go towards her YouTube channel, she makes fantastic videos and has almost 350+ videos with 62 million views. The name of her YouTube channel is “itslovelymimi”. She started her YouTube channel in 2015.

Lovely Mimi Profession: 

Lovely Mimi spends her most of time in juvenile facilities because of her alcoholic addiction. She does not want to complete her studies because of her liberation nature. She started the manicure salon in Maryland with Luong’s Lovely Nails, and that’s how she began her professional life. 

lovely mimi

After that, she started promoting her salon on social media sites, where people began admiring her, and she gained fame as the “Most Ratchet Asian Girl.” 

Mimi was the most of her life in juvenile facilities due to her drinking habits and her rebellious nature. She was not able to finish her studies. She purchased a nail art salon at Capitol Heights in Maryland and called the salon Luong’s Lovely Nails and that’s the way her career began and was gradually developed.

Mimi joined Instagram under the name Mimilovelynails. She uploaded a number of pictures as well as videos from her salon. After noticing the slow growth of her salon, she decided to start a new account, and named it it’slovelymimi. She made use of the account to provide instructions for painting nails and apply makeup. Famous faces Snoop Dogg and Dabrat shared her posts, and the response was overwhelming. Her wit and humor has drawn a lot of viewers to her videos on YouTube.

A blogger had referred to her as the “ratchet Asian girl’. Her comment caught the eye from Nick Cannon – the Wild ‘n Out host of MTV. Mimi was added to the cast in 2017, during one of the episodes in season six. She moved to Atlanta and was a part of the show’s comedy. She also purchased an entire nail salon with employees, and was named UltraViolet Nail Lounge. The business has expanded tremendously and she is regarded as to be the best nail artist in the entire nation. She has five salons throughout Atlanta.

Net income of Lovely Mimi:

She has nearly $2 million as of 2021. Her revenue source is mainly from her nail salon and her social media platforms, including her Instagram account, where she has 3.3 million followers on YouTube. 


It was a short discussion over the Most Ratchet Asian Girl. Please share your thoughts on this article. We would love to hear from you.

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