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In this write-up, we will disclose all the aspects of the Smerconish com survey. Michael Smerconish’s program is aired on CNN. Michael Smerconish is one of the most popular and trusted people throughout the Globe. Michael Smerconish is a politician, lawyer, and radio jokey programmer. Most people searched about How old is Smerconish? Well, He is 60 years old and high intellectual having a person. The smerconish com survey is a public opinion poll in which people of every age group can participate. People from any religion or country can participate in the survey. This survey is about the current situation or political scenario of the country. The names of the participants are unspecified in the survey. 

What is Smerconish com Survey?

The survey is hosted by a radio joker Michael Smerconish. It is a public opinion poll that is held daily. This survey is aired through satellite so that the participants can take part in this survey throughout the Globe. This survey welcomes all age–grouped peoples and from all ethnicities. It is about the daily breaking news, and you can check the newest topics every day. 

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How To Enter Smerconish Survey Question Today?

You can enter by following the steps, so please follow these steps carefully.

  1. Join online via official page to enter.
  2. Before you join the Giveaway, take time to read all the guidelines that are on the official website.
  3. You are required to join during entry times.
  4. Waiting to win Prizes .

What nationality is Smerconish? 

smerconish com survey

The owner of the survey is Michael Smerconish. He holds American nationality and is a host on the CNN channel and SiriusXM channel 124.

Facts about the survey: 

There are some facts about the survey is  

  • The survey does not support its participants in any situation. 
  • The survey priority is protecting its policies. 
  • This survey is not prototypical of the whole population at all.

 Procedure to participate in Survey: 

To enroll in the survey, the participants must go to the official voting page of This public opinion poll is for everyone, and anyone from around the Globe can participate in this survey. 

The fundamental purpose behind this survey is to calculate what most people think about daily breaking news or their opinion on the current political scenario. The survey was broadcast by Pennsylvania Bar Institute in 2015. The consequences of the survey were issued after every survey ends daily. The survey could be about geography, politics, or any other topic chosen by the host of the survey.

Topics of Survey: 

Firstly, a person must listen or oversee the show and participate in the voting poll. The survey topic is not specified; the case may be related to entertainment, geography, or politics. This survey is on a daily basis, mostly about daily breaking news. The participants do not need to be highly intellectual, listen to and after the show ends. I just answered the question asked by host Michael Smerconish.

Results of the Survey: 

The survey is about what the ordinary person thinks about the daily news. In this survey, anyone can participate without worrying about their color, race, or ethnicity. Listen to the daily show hosted by Michael Smerconish and then answer the question on the voting page. Michael Smerconish created this survey website. It is for the people who want to be listened to and share their opinions.


It was a brief discussion about the Smerconish com survey. If you ever participated in this survey, let us know your school of thought about the online survey. We would love to hear from you.

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