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Brenda Gantt Cookbook – Answer and Questions about her [2022]

Brenda Gantt cookbook an internationally renowned chef and former schoolteacher is a household name with over 2.5 million Facebook followers on her page, Cooking with Brenda Gantt. Her cooking videos that are simple creative, imaginative, and full of ramblings, have helped her to become an internet sensation over time. Many millions of people across all ages view and applaud the 76 year old chef’s uncut videos through social networks. Brenda was born on the 2nd of November 1946 in Alabama and loves cooking, is eager cooking and trying new cuisines. She started making videos about food to encourage others. Brenda however, however, didn’t realize that her little effort could lead to such fame.

brenda gantt cookbook

Gantt who is a staunch Christian She incorporates her beliefs in her cooking. She claimed that Facebook celebrity came to her when she was searching for something in her life. Brenda was George’s caregiver during his final days as he battled with Alzheimer’s. The people in other parts of the nation According to Gantt she’s not as fortunate as the majority of Alabamans. Gantt says that a large portion of them are confined to their homes and are unable to move out, and that many are looking for business.


Brenda Gantt cookbook recipes

Brenda Gantt cookbooks her sudden rise to fame was not intentional. It was because younger members of the church constantly asked the 74-year-old to help their wives make use of her cooking pan. I decided to record the making of biscuits for a Sunday brunch to take my back off,” Gantt said. “On this video, I do not show my facial features.” I just placed my phone on the bowl to show how I incorporated wheat and fat, and buttermilk.”

Demands continue to come in. The Covid shutdown led to the return to simple home-cooked meals according to Brenda Gantt’s book. I used to receive questions on Facebook such as, ‘Can you demonstrate how to cut into pieces an entire chicken or maybe show me how to make sticky rice “It was superior to anything I’ve seen before,” she said. “Bless the hearts of these people, these people aren’t able to cook even the most basic food items I’ve considered to be easy.”

Where to buy brenda gantt cookbook?

You can preorder a copy of your cookbook at an online store The cost in the publication is $35. A further $5 will be charged based on the location of delivery. It will be delivered to your address before November 2021.

Brenda Gantt Cookbook details

Brenda thinks that the kitchen is the perfect space for all to gather together as family. She also has helped millions of people cook their own meals by providing cooking videos on Facebook. In addition, Brenda has now extended her cooking classes on Facebook into cookbooks.

Brenda’s book ‘It’s gonna go good, y’all’ is packed with food recipes that she holds close in her soul. You can find recipes for breakfast and dinner, snacks, desserts, and more. The book includes nearly 100 different recipes all with Mrs. Brenda’s tales.

There are all the instructions you need for cooking the Mrs. Brenda’s recipes along with photos of each dish. This is why Alabama grandma says that her book ‘It’s going be great, y’all will make it easy for everyone to prepare their most loved recipes.

Additionally, the book includes every one the recipes of Mrs. Brenda’s well-known recipes. The following list:

  • Okra Fried
  • Tomato gravy
  • Squash Alabama
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Chicken and dumplings
  • Sliced Orange Cake
  • Chocolate pie
  • Cheese Popcorn, etc.

What magazine features brenda gantt?

If you’ve watched Brenda Gantt’s videos on Facebook or loved meeting her through her recipes which were featured within the pages of Taste of the South magazine I’m sure you’ll be awed by her new cookbook Brenda Gantt’s It’s Gonna Be Good Y’all.

Brenda first captivated us during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as she cooked in her kitchen located in Andalusia, Alabama, she entertained us and imparted knowledge as she cooked up Southern dishes that we all love.

With her distinctive brand of heartwarming recipes as well as positive advice, Brenda has built a loyal following of loyal viewers who were on the show week in and week out to master the technique of Southern cooking, and also to hear her tales about family, faith and food.

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