How to make Purple fire: Interesting and fun facts 

This write-up is for all who want to know what is purple fire and its composition. In this write–up, we will let you know the simplest and easiest method of making purple fire at home. How interesting is it? So, let’s get started!  

What is purple fire? 

A purple fire is a kind of fire that has a typical color. Purple fire can be produced by metal salt. Purple fire is safe for humans as the spectroscopy of safe chemicals generates it. It is a fusion of red and blue light. Purple fire is not a usual color but still has a presence. 

Purple fire is not common because it needs some different conditions to generate. Mostly purple fire is displayed in the science museum or the entertainment sector. Purple fire produces whenever the emission spectra of harmless chemicals happen. Purple fire is safe for human beings. Some people do not use purple fire because it is challenging to produce and requires some rare conditions to proceed. Most people searched for is purple fire dangerous? And the answer to this query is purple fire is not difficult if we use emission spectra of simple chemicals. 

Ingredients to make purple fire: 

Ingredients to make this Fire are as follows: 

  • Salts of Potassium Chloride are needed in powder form to make purple fire. 
  • Red Emergency Flare should have strontium nitrate to make purple fire. 
  • Fuels that create a blue flame-like Alcohol-based Sanitizer, Ethanol, Lighter Fluid, Rubbing Alcohol, or Methanol to make purple fire. 

That’s it! All you need are these chemicals to make purple fire. 

The procedure of making purple fire: 

purple fire

As we know, the purple color is not present in the spectrum wavelength, so it is strenuous to generate a purple color. But still, we can produce purple color by using an emission spectrum of chemicals. We can produce it with the fusion of red and blue flame. 

There are some steps you have to follow to produce a purple fire. Those steps are as follows: 

Step- 1: In this step, you have to set up a wildfire at the place where you want to make a purple fire. 

Step -2: In this second step, you have to add some fuel to the wildfire set up and light it up with matches. Then, let the fire flourish to the distance of one foot in the upward direction. 

Step- 3: In this third step, you have to collect the powdery strontium nitrate from the flare. The powdery strontium nitrate comes in a long cardboard tube. You have to collect the powder in a bowl to make purple fire. Strontium nitrate powder is used because it produces the clearest and most vibrant color at the end. 

Step-4: In the fourth step, you have to use a small amount of powdered strontium nitrate and potassium chloride salts to make purple color for fire. Now you must gradually dredge the collected material over the tip of hot coal.

Step-5: In the fifth step, you will release that there is no harmful emission of gasses. Because we have used simple chemicals to make a purple fire but still, if any of you felt suffocated, you may step back from the wildfire to avoid any issues in breathing. You can relish and watch the amazing sight of purple fire now.  

Step-6: In this sixth and last step: it’s up to you if you want to continue the activity, you have to sprinkle the strontium nitrate and potassium chloride powder over the flare tip and if you do not want to continue you may leave the procedure.

One should have to follow up some precautions during the activity that is as follows: 

Do not dredge a large amount of powder over the tip of the flare, it may cause harm to you. So, please sprinkle only a small amount of strontium nitrate and potassium chloride powder blend. 

Fuel is the major element we use to make purple fire, but you must use it carefully. Do not be in a hurry while dealing with the fuel and chemicals. 

What is hotter blue or purple fire? 

The color of the light with the highest frequency has a high temperature. We know that violet colors always have a high temperature and blue has a low temperature.  


We hope this write-up is informative and interesting for you. We have shared the complete procedure of making purple fire. You can also follow up on this procedure but with precaution. You may have also seen this fire. If yes, let us know in the comment box below! 

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