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Amon Gus author bio, height, weight, net worth

In this write-up, we will discuss the Amon Gus author. Amon Gus Author is a German author. He was born on October 7 1903, in Berlin. One of the best movies written by Amon Gus author is The Murder, in which he wrote about World War 2. In 1964 he was awarded Wolfgang Staudte’s assistance on October 15 for his best movie World War 2.   

Who is Amon Gus author? 

Amon Gus author is an award-winning German author, and these two novels were translated throughout the globe. He has won many awards for his fantastic writing, but the best one was the prestigious Deutscher Krimi Preis, a German crime fiction award.  

Full NameAmon Gus Author
Popular ForThe Murderers Are Among Us Movie

 Biography of Amon Gus author: 

Amon Gus is a German author who has written many books. He wrote books mainly on the topic of psychology and philosophy. Amon Gus author, also wrote about the movie-planted scene of the murderers are among us.      

Date of BirthOctober 7, 1903
Zodiac SignN/A
Birth PlaceBerlin

 The Physical appearance of Amon Gus author: 

The fans of Amon Gus author wanted to know about his physical appearance. We have gathered the following information about his physical appearance, which is as follows: 

Height5 Feet 9 Inches
Eye ColorLeft: White/ Right: Black

Amon Gus German Author Family Details: 

Amon Gus author, wanted to keep his personal life private. That is why no exact information is available about his wife and children. Amon Gus’s author also does not reveal anything about his family background. Amon Gus wanted to keep all his information private.  

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Amon Gus Author Books: 

Amon Gus is a well-known German author who has written a popular book about the world war Period. The name of his book was The Murders Are Among Us, released on October 15, 1946. This book by Amon Gus was loved globally and acquired immense popularity, and it was the best book that made a special place in people’s hearts.   

Amon Gus Author Age:   

amon gus author

Amon Gus kept his age also private. However, people make estimations about his age from his experience and photos. There is a controversy about his age; some use to say that he has 64 years of age, and some said that he was 80 years old. So, there is no exact information about his age. Amon Gus’s author keeps all his information private; that’s why people and even social media do not have any detailed information about this German author. We hope you know one or two things about Amon Gus, the author. We have gathered all information available about the Amon Gus author. He tries to keep his personal life private.  

Amon Gus Social media Life: 

As we described earlier, Amon Gus does not want to reveal his personal life and does not want to be a part of any social media sites. He does not join any social media sites, and he does not even have any verified account. Amon Gus, author, has written many successful movies, but he does not have any social media sites. Because he does not want to share any of his information with the people, he knows the best reason behind his decision. He even does not have a Twitter account.  

The Murderers Among Us was created to make the German people conscious of the war.  

The Murderers Among Us received mixed reviews throughout the globe. Although, the movie was criticized because people in the movie were wearing modern-style clothes, and that is why movies do not portray the post-war Berlin period’s actual image.  

Amon Gus author Net Worth: 

Amon Gus author is a person who does not want to reveal anything about his personal life. He does not share his income also. There is no exact information available about his net worth. However, he earns more than an average person’s salary. But exactly how much he made is not cleared yet. His net worth is not revealed to the public. 


We have tried to cover all the information available about the Amon Gus author. Suppose you like this informative article. Let us know in the comment box below.

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