XBODE: Everything you need to know about XBODE Technologies

In this write-up, we will discuss Xbode Technology. Xbode is a private business, and Xobode Technology has been started on 31 December 2019. The main purpose of this technology is to make innovative products.

Xbode Technology business was started by two people, Nitin Pangotra and Sandeep Singh Rana. Their purpose is to innovate technologies. 

What is Xbode Technology? 

Sandeep sing Rana and Niten Pangotra created Xobode Technology company.It is a private company that aims to introduce or innovate new technologies. Xbode company trying to be at the top throughout the globe. This company has a user-friendly interface that’s why users like its products. 

 You can choose Xbode services if you have a business on a small or larger scale. You can be benefited from their excellent services. 

 According to NIC, code 29308 is intricate in manufacturing the different home appliances like electric machines or laundry items. It has a vast range of products, and they are trying to make other and new appliances.  

Owner of XBODE Technology: 

Xbode Technology company has two boards of directors: Sandeep Rana and Niten Pangotra. Sandeep Rana has been a part of the company for almost 2 years, and Niten Pangotra is the most reliable and trusted director. Because he has much more experience in the field, he worked in nearly five big companies and joined Xbode on 4 March 2020. At the same time, Sandeep Rana joined it in 2019. 

The aim of XBODE Technology: 

The aim of Xbode technology company is as follows: 

  •  Xbode technology is trying to facilitate top-notch appliances and services.  
  • Xbode technology aims to be the world’s best innovative technology company.  
  •  Xbode company has the best customer service as their priority is to satisfy their clients with excellent service and appliances.

XBODE Technology Specifications: 

Xbode company is trustworthy because of its high-quality services and modern technology-based appliances. They have a trained and experienced team who manually checks every product or device before launching into the market. That’s why their appliance is of top-notch quality. Xbode company is beating its competitors. In the year 2020, they have emerged as the best modern sourced technology company. In their UPSs system, they have all trained, manufacturers. 


Another crucial thing about the Xbode is that they do not launch any appliance with copyright issues. They want to sell original items in the market so that they have a special place in the market. They analyze every product or appliance in their company before launching it in the online market for sale. Their customers are happy and pleasant because of their efforts. Xbode company works day and night to maintain their quality stuff in the market and grow further. Xbode company wants to make a big name throughout the globe in the field. 

Details of Xbobde Technology: 

Here are some details of xbode technology company are: 

  • The full name of the company is Xbode Technologies Private Limited. 
  • The xbode technology company is categorized as a non-government manufacturing company. 
  • Xbode company was established from 2019 to 2020 and it is located in Nagar. 
  • Xbode technology registration number is 125133. 
  • Xbode company has a capital of 10000 INRand their CIN number is U29308UP2019PTC125133. 
  • Xbode company is related to innovative machinery and appliances. 

Xbode Drone: 

  • The Xbode drone is one of the best products of the company. The Xbode drone’s durability is good and easy to handle. Xbode drone is for all those who want to become professional photographers. Xbode drone has 4k video capturing capacity. 
  • Xbode drone is along the GPS tracking system, which is another best feature because a person knows the drone’s exact location.

Xbode AGM Report: 

According to the AGM reposts. The Xbode technology company has its last meeting on 31 December 2020. On 31 March 2020, they develop their balance sheet, the purpose of the balance sheet is to have a complete record of the benefits and losses of the company. 


It was a brief discussion about the Xbode technology company. If you ever used any appliance or product of Xbode company. Let us know your experience in the comment box below. 

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