How to Find Air Rifle for Pest Control [update 2022]

This write-up will let you know about the best air rifle for pest control. Before you use any air rifle, you should be trained. Using an air rifle in a small area needs much attention to target your aim.

So, read this informative piece before you choose to buy an air rifle to get rid of the pest.

What is meant by Air Rifle for Pest Control?

Air rifle for pest control is designed for only congested areas like a garden. Air rifle is used to control pest and for gaming purpose. Their shooting range is not so high; they are limited.

There are different riffles for different purposes. If you have to control the bed bugs, you need a high shooting range air rifle, whereas, if you have to control the insects, you need a simple and low accuracy air rifle. Most people query which is better .22 or .177 air rifle?.177 is considered the good one compared to .22.

Types of Air Rifles:

air rifle

There are so many air rifles for pest control available on the market. We have shortlisted the best ones for you that are given below.

  1. Gamo Big Cat 1400 .177-Caliber Air Rifle:

The big cat family has introduced a new air rifle, Gamo big cat 1400.177-caliber air rifle. It is the most powerful and has the high accuracy to trigger the aim. This rifle has all-seasoned synthetic wares.

This air rifle also has a shock wave absorber, and it has the power to decrease the shock up to 75%. this Gamo big cat air rifle has 1400 feet per second shot speed along PBA. 

  1. Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock .22-Caliber Pellet Air Rifle:

This air rifle is made for those who want an easy-carrying gun. Its latest synthetic ware made it lightweight and it is considered the best for even-tempered. It nearly has a speed of 900 to 1000 FPS, and it is best for hunting the small pests. 

We have created a table for you to understand the energy, velocity, and accuracy of this air rifle easily:

PelletEnergy (FPEVelocity (FPS)Accuracy
H&N Baracuda Match (21.14 Grain)33.34 FPE843.85 FPSGreat
JSB Jumbo Exact (14.35 Grain)28.28 FPE941.99 FPSBest
Crosman Premier HP (14.3 Grain)27.82 FPE935.83 FPSGreat
RWS Hobby (11.9 Grain)24.3 FPE990.30 FPSGreat
Gamo Raptor Platinum (9.7 Grain)23.381041.83 FPSGreat
  1. Diana Chaser Air Rifle:

It is considered the best air rifle within the normal budget range. But we suggest you opt for the .177 and .22. You can control the pest easily with this air rifle, and it has good and high accuracy.

Diana chaser works perfectly for pest control. It also offers variant ranges of air rifles. Choose what you need.

Here is the table for your better understanding:

PelletEnergy (FPE)Muzzle Velocity (FPS)
RWS Meisterkugeln (14 Grain)8.6 FPE526 FPS
H&N Sport (13.73 Grain)8.5 FPE528 FPS
RWS Hobby Sport Line (11.9 Grain)5.81 FPE469 FPS
Sig Sauer Crux Ballistic Alloy (10.3 Grain)6.7 FPE542 FPS

  But it is not considered the best in handling in the field. 

Diana chaser air rifle comes with the repeater. This rifle takes into consideration those who have a low budget and are beginner hunters in this field.

  1. Beeman R9 Air Rifle for Raccoons and Skunks:

 Beeman R9 is also considered the best air rifle for pest control but it does not have a silencer. So, you may have some issues using this riffle.

It is recommended to use this air rifle, after some practice. Overall, it is comfortable and handy.

We have created a table about its energy, velocity, and accuracy. Which is listed below:

Pellet FPEMuzzle Velocity Accuracy 
RWS Hobby (7.0 Grain) 10.77 FPE908.39 FPS Good 
Field Trophy Green (5.56 Grain)13.68 FPE1052.39 FPSExcellent 
Crosman Premier (7.9 Grain)13.87 FPE889.19 FPSGreat 
JSB Exact Diabolo (8.44 Grain)13.85 FPE859.59 FPSExcellent 
H&N Field Target Trophy (8.64 Grain)14.10 FPE857.15 FPSBest 
Gamo Raptor Platinum (4.7 Grain)12.60 FPE1099.35 FPS Good
H&N Baracuda Match 13.10 FPE744.13 FPSExcellent


We have shared some of the air rifle types for pest control. You can opt for what kind of air rifle you need. If you ever buy an air rifle for pest control. Which one do you find good, let us know in the comment section below.

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