Beckett Simonon Shoes Reviews (2022) Read Before Buying

This article will disclose all facts and figures about the Beckett Simonon shoes. It is a high-quality brand of men’s shoes. Nowadays, men want to have comfortable and fashionable shoes. 

 The best brand is Beckett Simonon shoes. So, get connected with us till the end to have all the information about this fantastic brand. 

What are Beckett Simonon Shoes? 

Beckett Simonon shoes are of high quality and comfortable shoes for men. This brand has always had trendy designs for men, and Nicholas Hurtado and Andrés Niño both started this shoe brand in 2011. 

They source the leather from Argentina and Italy for manufacturing men’s shoes in their company. Do most people have a query about Where is Beckett Simonon based? It is based in Bogotá, Colombia. 

This brand aims to provide you with the best-featured and most comfortable shoes. So that you can walk with confidence. This brand introduced its foot-shaped form. And it was an innovator thing. 

Beckett Simonon shoes use material sourced from Argentina and Italy; they want to make sure to use high-quality leather for crafting shoes. They are energized to provide you best quality men’s shoes. Beckett Simonon shoes have a guarantee of two years as they have used top-quality leather. 

Specifications of Beckett Simonon Shoes: 

There are some crucial specifications of Beckett Simonon shoes which we listed below: 

  • Their first aim is to provide you the comfortable shoes. 
  • They design the shoes according to the customer’s feedback. 
  • They use high-quality leather in making shoes. 
  • They use material sourced from Argentina and Italy. 
  • They use both modern and traditional methods of making shoes, to increase their durability. 
  • Lastly, they also consider the good waxing and polishing of shoes to give shoes a great look. 

Types of Beckett Simonon Shoes: 

There are mainly two kinds of Beckett Simonon shoes that we layout below: 

  • Beckett Simonon Reids Sneakers 
  • Beckett Simonon Chelsea Boots 

Beckett Simonon Reid’s Sneakers: 

Beckett Simonon Reid’s sneakers are the best shoes for all those who need simple and causal shoes for their daily wear. It is the best-upgraded shoes.  

For only $150, you can purchase this fantastic shoe. They have nearly four different colors available. They use top-quality leather and sourced the leather from Argentina and Italy. This brand uses the Vanchetta leather lining which is the best because it gives you some extra space. And for finishing, they use shea butter and carnauba wax. So that they can give shoes a great shiny look. 

This fantastic high-quality leather will absorb all the moisture and sweetness from your feet, so you will be safe from many feet disease. 

Beckett Simonon Chelsea Boots: 

Wear these Beckett Simonon Chelsa boots if you want a trendy and luxurious look. 

They have multiple types of Chelsa boots. These shoes have an elongated shank and narrow waist and are designed to wear with slim trousers and loose pants. 

 Another type is Preston Chelsea Boot which is of western style. It has long durability and has a unique pattern. Suede shoes are also featured on their website.

Pros of Beckett Simonon Shoes: 

We have listed below the pros of Beckett Simonon shoes: 

  • They have a wide variety of men’s shoes available. 
  • They sourced leather from Argentina and Italy. 
  • Their shoes are durable. 
  • They have a large stock of shoes. 
  • They have complete details of shoes shared on the website. 
  • They update the details from time to time. 
  • You can easily cancel your order before production. 
  • Shipping and returns are free of cost if you are a US citizen. 
  • Refund is available within 50 to 60 days of purchase. 

Cons of Beckett Simonon Shoes: 

We have listed below some of the cons of Beckett Simonon shoes. 

  • The price is higher than other men’s shoes available on the market. 
  • You can buy only from the online marketplace. 

Is Beckett a luxury Simonon? 

Yes, the Beckett shoes are luxurious and comfortable. Its first aim is to provide you with the best and most durable luxury shoes. 

 Beckett Simonon shoes reviews: 

Beckett Simonon shoes

We have collected reviews of Beckett Simonon shoes from various social media sites. We have almost positive reviews about this brand. Most people like this brand. And found the shoes comfortable and durable. On the other hand, some customers are not happy with their shipping time. We suggest you do more research before buying any kind of product from the online marketplace. 


This was a brief discussion about Beckett Simonon shoes, we hope you like our article, if yes, let us know in the comment section below. 

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