How to Fix PC not Detecting Xbox one Controller in Windows 10

In this write-up, we will disclose the facts about how you can fix pc not detecting an Xbox one controller. 

You may be having issues after upgrading to windows 10 in your system. But yes, it is sometimes difficult to encounter bugs on a PC. Most users face problems connecting the Xbox controller with the desktop, and as a result, users face issues in playing the games. 

What is an Xbox One Controller? 

Xbox one controller is a game controller for the Xbox chain. It is used on the pc and mac OS. It is used to interconnect with the Xbox console. Some users face problems when they install Windows 10, as it does not detect the bugs. Most people have the query about. Is there a difference between Xbox and Xbox One controllers? There is only one difference between Xbox one controller and Xbox, and the Xbox One controller does not have a share button. 

Reasons Behind the Xbox One Controller Not Working on Desktop: 

Xbox one controller

Most users report that they face many issues when Xbox one controller is not working on a desktop. They have a message that the USB device does not recognize the Xbox One controller on the desktop or may that it is not connecting with the system. 

The typical problems are listed below: 

  • You need to update your Xbox one controller. 
  • Xbox one controller driver is not working well, it’s got corrupted. 
  • Your data cable may not be matched with your Xbox one controller.  

Sometimes a user needs to reconnect the data cable with Xbox one controller. A most common problem may be in the USB portal. 

Different ways to Fix the Problem in Windows 10 not detected by Xbox: 

Fix 1. Upgrade the Xbox one controller driver: 

One of the major issues is that your Xbox One controller is not well-matched with your system. So, a user needs to update the driver of the Xbox one controller. We have shared all steps listed below: how you can update Xbox one controller. 

Step 1. First of all, you need to open the run box by clicking the win+ R button. After that, a user needs to unlatch the device management window.

Step 2. In the second step, you have to expand the Microsoft Xbox one controller box and after that right click on it, to choose the updated software driver. 

Step 3. In the third step, you have to choose how you want to update the Xbox one controller automatically or maybe manually. It’s up to you.  

Now, a user can check if the problem has been fixed or not. For this purpose, you can use driver easy pro that identifies the outdated Xbox one controller drivers. You can also install a new driver on your pc by following these simple 2 step methods: 

Step 1: A user has to install the latest driver easy pro and then allow it to be launched on their pc. A user has to click on the scanning button. 

Step 2: Now, the scanning process will be accomplished.

Fix 2. Run Hardware devices troubleshooter: 

If an error text pops up on your screen while playing video games that Xbox one controller device is unknown, then it may be due to the hardware pitfall in your PC. For fixing this problem, a user has to go through these steps: 

Step 1: A user has to unlatch the control panel windows via searching in the search box. 

Step 2. In the second step, a user has to open the troubleshooting from the control panel windows. 

Step 3. To open troubleshooting, a user has to go towards the hardware devices and then double press them to start the troubleshooting. 

After all this procedure, a user needs to recheck whether the problem is fixed or not. 

Fix 3. Try A New USB Cable: 

Maybe the issue is in your data cable which is not matched with your desktop, that is why you have the issue of the Xbox one controller not detecting the issue on your desktop. 

There are many USB cables available on the market, some for charging purposes and some for sharing data from one device to another. So, a user should try a different new data cable. You may quickly resolve the problem by changing the data cable. Your USB cable should be matched with the desktop. 

Is Xbox One controller discontinued? 

Phantom Black Special Edition is only discontinued. 


In this write-up, we will disclose all the possible ways to fix the pc not detecting Xbox one controller in windows 10. We hope this will oblige all of you if you face this issue with your pc. If you like our piece of information, let us know in the comment box below. 

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