Top 5 most popular cigarettes 2022 brands

There are a variety of cigarettes available all over the world. Have you ever wondered about the top 5 most popular cigarettes brand for 2022? And what brand of cigarettes should you be smoking? Let’s discover each one at a time.

Let’s first talk about types of cigarettes you should use or if cigarettes should be consumed or not? Smoking cigarettes is a killer. Yet, people smoke. Some smoke because of the flavor, some to feel a false sense relief, and some because of sheer need. It’s addictive and tough to quit. Additionally, it’s an ill-health risk, leading to serious illnesses and death. You know what? Smokers and passersby are equally at risk.

There are many types of harmful effects triggered by smoking cigarettes on our bodies. Smoking cigarettes can cause heart attack, cancer lung diseases COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) and diminished health, infertility and many more. Smoking cigarettes kills 7 million active smokers and 1.2 million users who do not. With around 120 million people smoking in India alone cigarettes are among the most popular products in the world. That’s why cigarettes brands come in.

5 most popular cigarettes:

1. Marlboro

What else is there but Marlboro!

Brands like the American company has oversold every other brand of cigarettes worldwide since the year 1972. With the staggering 40 percent of the market in sales and $25.1 billion sales revenue, this brand has ruled the world.

Its name, Marlboro is derived from “Great Marlborough Street” in London in the UK, where it all started in 1873. The company expanded into America in 1902. US in 1902, with an manufacturing facility located situated in New York. It was in 1924 when the brand was introduced as “America’s premium tobacco”.

most popular cigarettes

The Marlboro brand has a name for making different kinds of cigarettes such as mild, flavorful with more “harsh” cigarettes to please smokers. Incredibly, Marlboro is considered to be a “man thing’, but it was created specifically for women who smoke.

Innovative marketing has brought the success of Marlboro. Are you familiar with those ” Mild as May campaign? It was popular at the time. The brand also has a stake in F1, GP2, World Rally Championship and other sports events around the world.

  • is owned by: Altria Philip Morris International
  • Cost (India): INR 250 for a set of 20 sticks
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Since: 1924
  • Value of the brand: $26.8 Billion
  • Revenue: $25.1 Billion

2. Davidoff

Davidoff is one of the top and most well-known cigarettes brands. In all likelihood, it’s pulling in $1.3 billion annually in sales most of it through flagship stores across the globe. The most popular brand of cigars, Camacho as well as Zino Platinum are the sister companies of the brand.

Davidoff cigarette provides you with a variety with an impressive product line. Consider cigars, cigarettes accessories, pipes, and much more. Even the cigarettes available are varied. The various types of cigarettes made by Davidoff include Gold, Classic, Supreme, Mild, and Menthol as well as others.

Smokers have developed a love for Davidoff products because of the quality and scent they provide. Davidoff is a brand that has been known for its luxury, which is evident in its appearance and packaging. Davidoff is owned by a British company, Imperial Brands owns Davidoff through a multi-million-dollar deal in 2006.

  • The HTML0 logo is owned by: Oettinger Davidoff AG
  • Pricing (India): INR 350 for a box of 20 sticks
  • Country of Origin: Switzerland

3. Camel

Camel has an extremely loyal clientele across the globe. It is an American company has been in existence since 1913, and has provided smokers with an exceptional taste and aroma, with appealing packaging. Its name Camel originated from Egyptian cigarettes that were the popular choice back in the day.

camel cigarette

Camel’s parent company RJ Reynolds is credited with inventing packaged cigarettes. In the past, smokers had in rolling their cigarettes by themselves this was not a pleasant experience. The brand favors Virginian and Turkish tobaccos to give an distinctive flavor and taste to its products.

In addition to the quality of its products and attractive packaging Camel uses exciting advertisements to increase brand loyalty. The company even offered an incentive ticket called “Camel Cash”, which could be exchanged in exchange for Camel products.

It’s interesting to note that North Carolina has a city, Winston-Salem, nicknamed “Camel City” because of the name. What’s the point of that?

  • owned by: RJ Reynolds
  • Cost (India): INR 290 – INR 350 for a box of 20 sticks
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Since: 1913
  • The value of the brand is $3,485 million (2017)

4. Parliament

Parliament isn’t just a name. It’s more of an ephemeral. Since 1931, Parliament has offered unparalleled smoothness, a full-bodied flavor and a creamy texture which has made the brand popular with smokers all over the world.

The brand is owned by Philip Morris, Parliament gained the attention of the recessed filters on its paper during the days before cigarettes had filters. When , in the early 1940s Parliament introduced filters, an aggressive advertising campaign was launched using the slogan that read, “Only when the taste will be able to touch the lips of your customers” .

Parliament was introduced to folklore when it was mentioned within Ian Fleming’s 1957 Bond novel Diamonds are Forever. A different Bond book, the Spy Who loved Me also included Parliament. In the past, celebrities and bands played a part in the legacy of Parliament.

  • owned by: Philip Morris International
  • Pricing (India): INR 500 for a set of 20 sticks
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Since: 1931

5. Dunhill

Dunhill takes its name from the brand’s founder, Alfred Dunhill, a British tobacconist and pioneer. The brand began with Westminster, London in 1907 when the founder decided to open a an outlet in Duke Street.

The residents quickly took an interest in Dunhill’s blends , which were crafted to their preferences. When 1908 came around, Dunhill cigarettes began making their appearance on the market creating a distinct type of cigarettes that had a distinctive cotton filter tip. The “Hygienic Cigarettes”were thought of as an alternative that was safer than their filters-free counterparts.

In 1939, Dunhill was introduced throughout the US. Since then, the company has grown exponentially to emerge among the most popular and popular cigarettes brands. The company uses top quality tobacco to give an enjoyable and satisfying flavor. Are you wondering why they cost more than other popular brands of cigarettes?

  • is owned by: British American Tobacco
  • Pricing (India): INR 200-400 for a set of 20 sticks
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Since: 1907

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