What is the World Record for not Blinking [2022]

Through this write-up, we will talk about the world record for not blinking. How long can you go without blinking, it varies from person to person. You may blink a second or a minute ago. When we blink the last time, we even did not remember it. But if you do not blink for a while, you may feel tired. 

If you are more interested in knowing the facts behind blinking, stay connected with us till the end! Let’s dive into the details! 

What is The World Record for Not Blinking

The world record for not blinking is associated with the USA person named Julio Jaime. According to the Guinness world record, Julio Jaime 2016, keep his eyelids open for nearly one hour, five minutes, and 11 seconds. 

Julio Jaime uses a small flat surface object and kept it between his eyelids. In this way, he can keep his eyes open. Julio Jaime uses water to make himself hydrated to keep away his eyes from dryness. 

Before this Guinness world record, jake Wambled set a record for 59 minutes and 23 seconds. This record was set in 2013. And after that in 2016, this record was broken down by Julio Jaime, who set a new record of one hour, five minutes, and 11 seconds. Do most people have a query What happens if you don’t blink for 1 hour? If you do not blink for a while, it will directly affect your cornea, which may lead to eye redness and swelling. 

The Reason behind the Blinking: 

The main reason for blinking is to keep your eyes lubricated with the tears. It will keep your eyes healthy and safe from dryness. Blinking is associated with different factors like blinking works as a protector for your eyes. It will keep your eyes safe from the dust particles and vivid light, which may harmful to your eyes.

How long can you go without blinking? 

 Firstly, we talk about the world record for not blinking. Now, let us tell you some facts about blinking. The human eyes are the most delicate organ in the body. It is very crucial to take care and keep hydrated. A person should not open their eyes for a long period, because it will make his eyes dry. Every human being needs to keep their eyes clean, and lubricate. 

Who Blinks More Male or Female

An average blink rate is 15 times per minute. Furthermore, humans blink more when they are reading or working on a desktop. Blinking also depends on different factors. If your eyes are in direct contact with vivid light, your blinking rate will increase. And also, when a human becomes emotional, its REM rate will automatically increase. Generally, a person can keep their eyes open for 10 seconds, during this time, you will not face any irritation. It is important to take care of your eyes, as it is the most delicate organ in the human body. 

Who Blinks More Male or Female? 

There is uncertainty among the people that women blink more than men. Women and men both blink nearly at the same rate. 

When we are lying, we blink less. Blinking happens naturally. 

How Fast Can a Human Blink? 

15 times per minute is the average blinking rate in every person. According to Harvard medical school, a person blinks every four seconds. When a person concentrates on any activity, like reading books or watching videos, blinks more than average. When we are lying., we blink less if we are not reading a book. During sleep, we concentrate on dreaming. 

What Happens if Humans Never Blink? 

Blinking is an involuntary action whose purpose is to save our eyes from dryness and external dust and objects. Tears keep our eyes moist. Blinking works as a protector for the eyes that’s why it is crucial to blink. 

If we do not blink for a while, it will deteriorate our eyes especially, the cornea. keratoconjunctivitis sicca is an eye disease in which a person faces dry eyes condition frequently and it will affect the cornea. In this condition, the cornea faces some cracks which may lead to completely damaging your eyes. It can also affect your eyesight. 

We cannot think of not blinking, as it may result in having server eye condition. It can cause redness, puffiness of the eyes, and dryness. 


It was a brief discussion about blinking and the world record for not blinking. Blinking is a natural phenomenon required by our eyes. If we do not blink, it will lead us toward dry eye disease. If you like our write-up, let us know in the comment section below. 

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