Bogus Braxtor Review: Bogus Braxtor Legit or Not?

If you are someone who is looking to impersonate your identity, then you must have a bogus braxtor review first. One can purchase a fake ID from bogus braxtor. Bogus braxtor is a well-known name in this industry.

Bogus braxtor claims that their made documents are as equal as a real document. No one can identify whether it’s a non-government document or a fake ID. Not even the experts do not identify the difference between fake and real IDs. 

If you want to have complete details, then stay with us till the end! 

What is Bogus Braxtor? 

We will cover every aspect from the bogus braxtor to the bogus braxtor review. Bogus braxtor company provides a fake id to an individual who wants to hide their identity. This company has so many resellers who are working for this firm. Resellers get their commission whenever someone made fake IDs through this company. Bogus braxtor did not share any sensitive information about their company. They even did not share their phone number and address. However, this company is trustworthy somehow. Many peoples have used this platform for having a fake id. 

Features Of Bogus Braxtor: 

Bogus braxtor provides the best features to its customers some of them are as follows: 

  • Bogus braxtor has an official website. 
  • Bogus braxtor does not scam you, they provide you a fake ID that is identical to a real one. 
  • Bogus fake IDs pass through any authentic test. 
  • Bogus braxtor company has positive reviews on their official website. 
  • Bogus braxtor has some terms and conditions that a user has to follow up on.
  • Bogus braxtor has a user-friendly interface. So, a customer can easily navigate one page to another. 
  • Bogus braxtor has well-trained administration for its customers. 
  • Bogus braxtor has a valid email address.   
  • Their shipping timing is 10 to 15 days.

BogusBraxtor Fake IDs:

Bogus Braxtor Legit or Not

The IDs made by this company are fake IDs but these IDs are scannable and have shine as a real ID has. That is why it is difficult to differentiate between real and fake IDs even by the experts. 

If you are the one who needs to impersonate your id, then you can contact this company. If you are going to have a fake id through this firm, you have to follow up on the instructions we have shared below: 

  • An individual does not allow to provide selfies. 
  • A photo of yours in that you are easily recognizable. 
  • During the photo taking, you have to look toward the camera.  
  • You should not have any shadows over your face. 
  • An individual is not allowed to share any old passport photos. 
  • The photo should be new for the fake id procedure. 
  • The background should be white for the photo. 
  • The photo should be done in high resolution. 

When an individual sends his payment to the attorney of this company, the procedure of fake id starts and it takes only 7 days to complete, and the shipping timing depends on the location but mostly it takes 10 to 15 days to deliver a fake id. 

Different fake IDs by Bogus: 

Some youngsters want to have their fake ids before they reach the age of 18. Because these customers wanted to go to nightclubs and they do not want their age to become a restriction for them. That’s why they made fake ids from Bogus braxtor companies before the age of 18 or 21. 

Some other customers are who want to look younger than their age. They need a fake id to cut down their age. As they want to pretend as younger than their actual age. 

Bogus braxtor also provides other documents like a driving license. Bogus braxtor is specifically available for the residents of the US and Australia. 

How to order a Fake ID at Bogus Braxtor: 

The individuals who want to place the order for a fake id, they have to register themselves at their official website. 

  • An individual has to go to their official website. 
  • Now, on the main page, click on the registration button. 
  • An individual has to register at the website. 
  • Provide your first name, and last name and set a password. 
  • Link your email addresses as the other websites need. 

That’s all now you can place your order of fake id from this company. 

Now, an individual has to go through a further process. An individual has to provide a photo as prescribed above. And along signature. An individual has to share their first name, last name, date of birth, height, and maybe some other information related to ID. So be alert while filling out these details, it should be real information of yours. Otherwise, you will not get the desired ID. 

Now, lastly, an individual has to pay the money for a fake id to a bogus braxtor company. And they will start the procedure on the same day you pay off. One should go for the bogus braxtor review before buying a fake id from this company.

How Much Does a Fake ID cost you: 

The fake ID costs you in the following aspect. Some people need more than one id you will get a discount on ordering above one ID: 

  • An individual gets 30% off for 2 to 5 fake IDs. 
  • An individual gets 40% off for 6 to 10 fake IDs. 
  • An individual gets 50% off for more than 10 fake IDs. 

The average price of a fake ID is $100.

Payment Methods: 

Accepted Payment Methods are as follows:

Bogus braxtor provides you with five payment methods. You can choose according to your preference. 

  • Bitcoin 
  • Litecoin 
  • MoneyGram 
  • Western Union 
  • PayPal 

Bogus Boraxtor Quality Service:

Bogus braxtor company provides authentic and quality fake IDs that pass all the authenticity tests during immigration such as: 

  • They use UK ink in the IDs. 
  • They have raised text. 
  • They use Teslin material for making fake IDs. 
  • This company made an exact copy of the real id that can be easily used at any immigration site. That’s why this company gets popular among the people of the US and Australia residential.

Is Bogus Braxtor Legit?

Bogus braxtor is not a legitimate site. They provide you with a fake ID instead of the real one. A customer orders a fake ID at their own risk. The company does not support you at any risk. 


It was a brief discussion about bogus braxtor and bogus braxtor review. If you like our piece of information. Let us know in the comment box below.  

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