Top 9 Fintech Software Development Companies in 2022

Through this write-up, we will discuss the Fintech software companies. Fintech works in the field of lending, payment processing, and people’s assets and securities. Fintech provides the best customer support which makes it the best company. Information is processed in these companies easily. And they can resolve your major issues easily and quickly. 

Read till the end, if you want to have full details about fintech development companies. 

What is FinTech and how it works?

Fintech companies are prescribed as any business that utilizes technology to increase or automate financial assistance for consumers. Fintech companies are aimed to provide you with the best automated financial system. Many Fintech companies work in a different era. Some of them we have shared below.

 9 Best Fintech Companies:

There are 9 best Fintech companies that we have listed below are as follows:

  • GoodCore Software: 

This firm is based in London, United Kingdom. It has 50 to 250 staff members. This company was founded in 2005. This company has big clients like The Securities Commission of Malaysia. Their rating at clutch is 5.

GoodCore Software is one of the best financial development companies in London. The team’s working procedure is based on the nimble principle. This company provides the best customer service as it remains in touch with its clients throughout the development of an app. 

  • Saritasa 

Saritasa is a Fintech software company that is based in Newport Beach, California. It provides web development and mobile app development. It also provides you with the best solutions and analysis and even reporting. It will provide you with the best services in product development and they have an experienced team. So, it will provide you with complete assurance of quality work. They have big customers like Yamaha, Toyota, and Verizon. 

  • Altoros 

Altoros is the largest software development firm that is based in Pleasanton, USA. Altoros has 200 business companies that have an alliance with them. They provide them with the best digital transformation plans and also top-quality technology solutions. Now, this firm is working to provide you best cloud solutions like AI and blockchain alteration. They also assist you in a contraption of the robotic process. They have an experienced team that will guide you in the best way. 

  • Miquido 

Miquido has years of experience in banking. They provide you best banking solutions for your customer. This company is the best combination of state of art and years of experience. They have a team of experts that sets all the strategies for companies. 

This firm helps you in the formation of a digital banking website. They also provide mobile banking services that are best for companies, because companies can create user-friendly products like digital wallets and maybe some sort of banking apps that can be used on mobile. 

  • Sombra 

Sombra provides you with financial projects that are long-term emulsions for companies. They are deeply oriented to providing you with the best customer service. They are aimed to provide you with the best secure and user-friendly software for companies. And it is the most important fact for companies nowadays. That they should have software that is safe and secure and free of online fraud. 

Sombra’s main goal is to provide you with the highest quality software and protective app. 

  • Experion Technologies 

This firm is aimed to provide companies with the best digital online banking. This firm makes banking s, smooth and easy for customers. They are aimed to provide you with the best customer service. They have years of experience so you can trust this firm if you need a good digital banking service. 

  • Softjurn 

This Fintech software company is aimed to provide you with the best payment gateways. Every company needs a good payment gateway. As every company has to pay its workers, in office or maybe international. so, companies need a proper transaction system. They are ready to help you whenever you need them. They have a team of experts that can create any app you want for proper transactions and with a safer payment gateway which is a big issue nowadays. For every company either, it is smaller not. 

  • Praxent 

This Fintech company provides the best intuitive and completely good customer experience. Their purpose is to provide you high conversion rate, their developers make an app that will best work for customers’ needs and a user-friendly interface for customers. Their developers provide you with the best financial user experience that will increase your conversion rate. They can make your product a high brand by just making some improvements to your existing product. 

  • S-PRO 

This Fintech company is a Ukraine-based company. This company works in healthcare and renewable energy. This company provides rare products to small enterprises according to their needs or demands. They also provide you with the best cloud solutions and development in data and mobile. They have a team of experts that are ready to help you anytime. 

Is Bitcoin a FinTech?

Fintech companies also deal with different cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.


It was a brief discussion about Fintech companies. We have shared the top 9 best Fintech companies with you, you can opt according to your need if you have a small or large business. If you like our piece of information, let us know in the comment section below.

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