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Did Babs die (August 2022) Explain complete info!

In this write-up we will discuss the did Babs die. And some other factors associated with her. If you are a fan of Babs then stay with us till the end to have complete details about her disease and life story!

About Babs status: 

We will discuss Babs die and her health issues with you. In season 10, they addressed the issue and problems faced by the Thore family. Babs was in a critical health problem but in the latest episodes aired that Babs got a fabulous recovery in her health. Babs celebrated her 45-wedding anniversary with Glenn after she recovered from the disease. 

Babs Thore Suffers Stroke: 

Hunter Thore shares the story of her mother Babs’s unconsciousness at the premiere of MBFL. He said that he found her mother unconscious on the sofa when she was gone to take lunch from the kitchen. 

Babs got a Storke that was revealed in the episode of “For the Love of Babs”. When Whitney gets to know that her mother got a stroke, she was in a bad situation. And after that, the Thore family got things worse day by day. Whitney was broken completely after knowing the health issue her mother is facing. It was a bad time for the Thore family. 

Babs Thore Suffers Stroke

After this incident, the whole Thore family go for the covid-19 test. Hunter and Glenn both tested positive for covid-19. But Babs tested negative. Babs was separated so that only Whitney can visit her mother.

Whitney was shocked when she knows that her mother got a critical health issue on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Babs’s health was trounced badly continuously. 

Babs’s health condition was in danger: 

As it was shown in all the next episodes, that how much Babs was struggling due to her bad health issues. And it was also a bad time for Whitney who can visit her mother at that time. When doctors told Whitney that her mother Babs is not taking any food and not even medicine and she got a urinary infection too. And doctors put the Babs on a feeding pipe. It was a difficult time for Whitney. But she handled the things on her own. 

In the next episodes, it was shown that doctors said Whitney that they are going to remove the feeding pipe and send Babs to a rehab Centre where she will spend her last reaming days and leave her to die. It was such as immense critical time for Whitney. As doctors also left the hope of her mother’s recovery and sent her to a rehab Centre. All the Thore family is facing health issues but the Babs is at the top in regards to her health issues as she was sent to rehab, the last choice by doctors. But there is a miracle that happened and the Babs got recovered and she celebrated her 45-wedding anniversary with Glenn. Such as an amazing thing that happens to Thore family. And such as big relief from all the problems they faced during Babs’s health issues.

Thore family is in crisis:

In season 10 of the My Big Fat Fabulous Life series, it was aired that Whitney is facing some health issues. Thore’s family was facing many health issues at that time. In episode 1 as we have seen that Babs was all right and doing house work, Glenn went to take lunch from the market and when he come back after one hour, he found Babs’s unconscious. 

Babs was taken to the hospital and doctors get to know that Babs is suffering from stroke and cardiac issues. In the next episodes, it was aired that all the family has gone for the covid-19 test. And the hunter, Glenn got positive results while Whitney tested negative for Covid-19. She was the only member of the Thore family who can go and visit the Babs. 

Did Babs die in fat fabulous life? 

People wanted to know about Babs, that did she died or not because when Whitney said that doctors remove her feeding tube of Babs and let her in a rehab Centre for spending rest of her life. And Whitney vanished after saying this. 

Is Babs throe alive in 2022? 

No, she is not fine as she is admitted to the ICU for further treatment as she was suffering from a stroke and covid-19. 

Final takeaway:

It was a brief discussion about the did Babs die or not. As people are curious to know about Babs. So, we have cleared all the aspects that are possible. Babs recovered after her long drastic disease. It was a bad time for the throne family.  But they come out of this crisis when Babs got recovered and celebrated her 45-wedding anniversary with her husband Glenn. How did you find this article, let me know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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