8 Tips to learn Chinese through Podcast

In this write-up, we will discuss how to learn Chinese through the podcast and some useful tips for learning. Leaning from the podcast is becomes more convenient than audio format. First of all, the podcast is shorter compared to audio content, it’s an easier way to express the content. Secondly, you can easily download the podcast and listen whenever you want without worrying about the data. And thirdly, the podcast is available to you at no cost. You can download and listen without spending a single penny. 

What is meant by podcast? 

We will share all the tips on how you can learn Chinese through the podcast. But firstly, let me tell you about the podcast. There is a variety of podcast are available for you depending on your need. Either you want to learn the Chinese language for only conversational purposes or you want to learn as a professional. You will get all kinds of Chinese podcasts. You can easily achieve your goal while using these free podcasts. Do most people have a query Can you learn Chinese just by listening? No, you cannot learn a language only by listening, you should make notes and try to write daily as you learn a new word or phrase. 

If your budget is low go for free –easily available podcasts but if you have a good budget go for paid courses like Amazingtalker. 

AmazingTalker is an online platform that facilities you with nearly 104 language courses for all-level learners. With this platform, you can choose any native tutor and learn the language easily. You can learn any language through this platform.  

Podcast vocabulary:

订阅dìngyuèto subscribe
收听shōutīngto listen
听众反应tīngzhòng fǎnyìngaudience reaction
推荐tuījiànto recommend
聚会jùhuìto gather
下载xiàzàito download
发布fābùto publish
充实自己的生活chōngshí zìjǐ de shēnghuóto enrich one’s life
对话访谈方式duìhuà fǎngtán fāngshìinterview-style discussion

8 Tips to learn Chinese podcasts for all levels: 

chinese podcast
asian woman and man with microphone are recording podcast at studio

Tip 1:

 Chinese podcast for beginners. You can Start by searching for a podcast that is beginner friendly. So that it will be easy for you to understand a new word or phrase.  As a beginner, you should find a simple Chinese podcast that will be easy for you to go with. Strat leaning with simple vocabulary words and then go for complex ones. 

 Tip 2:

 When you are going to learn a new language, you may do some mistakes. But it’s common to make mistakes as a beginner and in some cases, it’s good for you as you make mistakes, you will consult a textbook or dictionary to make it right and that time, you will learn from your mistake. 

Tip 3:

 It’s a good thing for a beginner to make notes of all the new words you listen during the chinses podcast. Because you can revise and learn the word later on. It will also make your grammar and vocabulary good. 

 Tip 4 :

If you want to have a hypnotic learning experience then go for a Chinese podcast. You will find an immense variety of available podcasts. Choose according to your level. 

Tip 5:

AmazingTalker is considered the best platform for all beginners who want to learn a new language. You can hire any native tutor and fix a one-on-one meeting to learn a language at your place. 

Tip 6:

 When you have chosen a podcast for you, you should review all the available content whether it is vocabulary or grammar. You should practice those words verbally until you get the grip on them. 

Tip 7:

 If you are a beginner, start practicing with a friend who knows the Chinese language. In this way, you can also improve your pronunciation. 

Tip 8:

 If you are a beginner, you can go for a Chinese podcast app that will help you in learning a new language such as Anki. It’s a good option to download software on your phone. so, you can easily open it and learn a new word or phrase per day. 

Reasons to learn Chinese through Podcasts: 

There are many reasons for learning the Chinese language through podcast, and we are sharing some important ones with you: 

  • Favorable and Portable: 

Learning language from the podcast is somehow easy for you. You can download the podcast on your device and listen whenever you want. You can find many podcasts related to the Chinese language and culture. You can opt according to your desire. 

  • Improve your listening ability: 

If you want to learn a language your listening ability must be good. Listen regularly to a Chinese podcast that will gradually improve your conversation. You can also join the AmazingT alker platform where you can find any native tutor for learning a language.

  • Upgrade your vocabulary and pronunciation ability: 

If you listen to a Chinese podcast regularly, it will make your vocabulary strong. Chinese podcast will also make your pronunciation good. So, it’s a great option for you to learn the Chinese language at no cost.


It was a brief discussion on how to learn to chinse through the podcast. If you want to learn Chinese go for a good podcast for you. How did you find our piece of information? Let us know in the comment box below.

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