Australia honeymoon destinations that will blow your away

In this write-up, we will discuss the best honeymoon destinations in Australia.  If we think about the honeymoon in Australia then usually some places come to our mind like the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, and Broome. But these are not only the places that are best for a honeymoon. There are many other brilliant places out there.

Australia is the most exotic land piece that has beautiful spots to discover. In Australia, you will get everything you wish from the best dessert to mountains and beaches and even some tropical islands. The best island is in Queensland. 

We will share some best honeymoon destination places in Australia with you, stay with us till the end! 

Top 5 places for a honeymoon destination in Australia: 

We are sharing some best places for a honeymoon destination in Australia that are listed below: 

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  1. Cape York, North Queensland 

If you are the one who is looking to have a lonely time with your partner in a silent peaceful environment. Then, cape York could be the best that you are looking to go.  It is not a luxurious place but it has endless hours to spend alone with your partner. 

There are many things you can do there like you can go for fishing, a helicopter flight with the coast and much more. 

If you want to have more romance with your partner. Then, this place will give you a total uninterrupted time with your partner. You can do camping under the stars, and cherish some nice solitude with a splash of adventure. Cape York is the best place for newly married couples for sure.  

  1. Tamborine National Park, Gold Coast 

Tamborine National Park is nearly a 45-minute drive from the Gold Coast. And it is the most –visited place in Australia. You can find many parks to visit in Australia and all are unique but this one is the best for tourists as within a low budget too. 

You have to visit this park in a car, you should drive the car with your partner and see the different beautiful parts of this park. This park is a 550-meter-high plateau. A t this park, the temperature is low, so you should take warm clothes along you while visiting this park. 

Tamborine National Park consists of 14 sections. It is beautiful to walk with your partner in the tropical forest.  

  1. Bruny Island, Tasmania 

If you are the one who is looking to have a warm and comfortable place then, Bruny island is for you. It is at the 30 minutes ride from south of Hobart. You should go in a car with your partner to explore the island. This island has the most delicious artisan food for you. 

 Their menu includes Cheese, honey, oysters, seafood, chocolate, berries, wines, whiskey, and ciders. There are many hotels, cafes, and restaurants available on this beautiful island. You can also go on Bruny island cruise where you can see the dolphins, seals, and whales. This place is for all those who are nature lovers. This island also has a wide range of Airbnb accommodations. 

  1. Kangaroo Island, South Australia 

This is another best place for honeymoon purposes. It will give you an outdoor adventure feel. It is situated in South Australia. It is the largest island in Australia and it is known as the KI. Means it is a heaven of pristine nature and wildlife. 

If we talk about the food, they have a lot of variety. They have Oyster Shack and a whitening burger that is available at a store. If you are thinking to go this place then, you should go in December or January. 

5. Cairns, North Queensland 

It is located in north Queensland. It is the best tropical gateway in Australia. This place is a combination of city and beach both. So, it is best for newly-married couples. They have many resorts from low to high budget, you can pick according to your budget. 

Ochre Restaurant is a perfect place for romance. You can enjoy the marina along with the fresh seafood. At the Raw Prawn, you are going to love this place. You do not need a car to visit this place, as it is near the city. They will offer you many fantastic day trips, you can choose according to your choice. You should not miss this amazing place. It is the best honeymoon destination. 

Final Takeaway: 

It was a brief discussion on the best honeymoon destination. If you are a newly-married couple and looking for the best place in Australia. Then you should have a look at all the described best 5 places for honeymoon. It’s very crucial to opt for the best place for your honeymoon as it will be a life-long memory for you and your partner. How did you like our piece of information, let us know in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. 

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