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Is pine sol toxic to breathe: 2022 update guide

In this write-up, we will discuss that Is pine sol toxic to breathe or not. If you take anything in moderation, then it’s not harming for you. Things become poisonous when you start using more than the recommended amount. Thus, pine is also not poisonous until you do not take more than the recommended amount. Pine sol is a crystalline powder that is frequently used as a solvent and it is used in paper, paint, and plastic. But a recent study has revealed that pine sol is harmful to pregnant ladies. So, stay away from pine sol if you are in your happy pregnancy.

What is pine sol? 

Is pine sol toxic to breathe

We will share all details about what is pine sol and is whether pine sol toxic to breathe or not. But first, let me tell you about pine sol. Pine sol is a white crystalline powder that is used as a multi-surface cleaner that helps clean your entire house. It makes your home grime and grease free. Pine sol is also used as a solvent. Do most people have a query that Is it harmful to inhale Pine-Sol? Avoid direct exposure to the pine sol. Because it may irritate your respiratory tract. So, use it, but with precautionary measures.  

Ingredients of pine sol: 

Here we are sharing the all ingredients of pine sol that are as follows: 

  • PEG/PPG ether 

 PEG is used as a solvent. It is a glycol ether that can remove the oil, grease, etc. 

  • C10-12 Alcohol Ethoxylates 

 It is used as a humidifier because it can bind the cleaner to the surface. 

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfates 

It is a surface-active agent. That is used to eliminate the grime in the cleaner. It is easy to handle that’s why most users like it. 

  • Sodium Carbonate 

It is a plasticizer that eliminates hard metals and minerals. You just need a little amount of sodium carbonate to clean the entire area. 

  • Hydroxyethyl cellulose 

It is derived from the plant and it is used to keep the solution firm as it does not allow the chemicals to interact. It is also used to emulsify the liquid cleaner. 

What is the nature of pine sol? 

Some people wanted to know what is the nature of pine sol, is it water-based or oil-based? Well! It is water-based. In some cases, isopropanol is also used as an additional solvent. And this chemical is used where the oil-based solvent is needed. It is consisting of 8 to 12 % of the total solution. Pine sol is used for multi purposes as it is used as a solvent, as a cleaner, and as a fragment. But your pine sol should be original if you needed desired results.

Pine sol allotted an EPN number: 

Pine sol is assigned as the EPN number by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. EPN number is a distinctive number that is given to companies that can handle 1 kg of poisonous waste per month. And the Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner has been allotted as EPA number- 5813-101-67619.

 Pine Sol as an Antiseptic: 

The original pine sol is antiseptic. Pine sol performs the two functions as it can clean the surface and also disinfect it. That is why it is used to eliminate germs from the toilet seats. 

It can eliminate viruses, bacteria, and fungi. As it is reported that it can kill the fungi up to 99.9% from the surface. You just have to apply it for only 10 minutes at the surface. 

 According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it has been proved that original pine sol eliminates the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

Is Pine-Sol safe to use around babies? 

Yes, pine sol is poisonous for babies and pets if they inhale it. It may irritate your babies and the lungs. You should use pine sol solution in areas that are well-ventilated and airy. And after the application, wash the treated area with warm water to avoid any health issues. Keep away your babies and pets from the treated area.  

Is Pine-Sol toxic to breathe? 

No, it’s not toxic but it may cause some irritation. As their fumes may cause some problems with breathing. It is required to use pine sol in a recommended amount and you can also take some precautions during the application. If you ever became unconscious due to its pungent fumes, then you may need some medical assistance. So, you should keep the area ventilated to avoid any health issues. 

Final takeaway: 

It was a brief discussion on the pine sol and we have cleared most people’s queries about is pine sol toxic to breathe or not. Pine sol is not dangerous if you use it in a recommended way.  Hope it was informative content for you. If yes, let us know in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. 

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