Crew cut hairstyles & how to guide

In this write-up, we will guide you about the crew cut hairstyles. When we talk about short haircuts, then the crew haircut stands out for its stress-free look. Crew-cut hairstyle is a good option for college-going students and even for the professionals who work in the offices. Crew haircut is liked globally. Because it is stylish, trendy, and low-maintenance.

Stay with us till the end to have complete details about crew cut hairstyles.

What is a Crew Cut hairstyle? 

A crew cut hairstyles is a form of short hairstyle that features a bristle of hair at the top with attenuate sides and back. Crew cut hairstyles are considered low-maintenance and time saver for all the individuals who are somehow lazy. This hairstyle gets popular among young men throughout the globe. Do most people have a query What do I tell my barber for a crew cut? You have to tell your barber, that in a crew cut hairstyle, the hairs are tapered on the sides and back but it should be lengthy from the top. This hairstyle is uniform from the top. 

Origination of the Crew Cut hairstyles: 

The crew cut hairstyle name is presumed to have been taken from crew members of rowing teams at Ivy League institute in, the 1920s. The main reason behind this hairstyle was to keep the hairs out of their eyes during rowing. This hairstyle suits all aged men. 

There are many celebrities, such as Ryans (Reynolds and Gosling) and the two Chrises also opt this crew cut hairstyles. 

Types of Crews Cut hairstyles:  

Crew cut

There are two types of crews cut hairstyles that we are sharing below: 

  • Casual crew-cut hairstyle: 
  •  Classy crew-cut hairstyle: 

1. Casual crew cut hairstyle: 

This hairstyle is for all those men who want to have a smart –appearance. In this crew-cut hairstyle, the hair length at the top is somehow long so you can style it according to your choice. As you can set it as messy or may be textured. Casual crew cut hairstyle has following forms. 

1.1 :Textured Crew Cut with dwindling: 

This crew-cut hairstyle is best for all men who naturally have wave-textured hair. In this hairstyle, a lengthy tuft at the top dwindles sides and back. You can also use a good quality product that gives you an extra texture and natural look like GATSBY Inside Lock Natural Lift. 

1.2 Spiky Crew Cut hairstyle: 

If you are the one who likes an apprehensive look then this spiky crew cut might be the best suit for you. You can set your hairstyle as you like, you can go for a messy or neater upright style by using a good product that gives you a final finish. 

1.3 French Crop hairstyle: 

In this hairstyle, the hairs at the back are set shorter compared to the front side. Longer hairs are set at the front side. You can easily set this hairstyle by using a small amount of pomade. Take some amount of pomade in your fingers and set your hairstyle. 

1.4 Consistent Crew Cut hairstyle: 

In this hairstyle, hairs are set in a uniform lengthy order from the front. This hairstyle is for occasional purposes, it gives you a classy, trendy look

1.5: Wavy Crew Cut hairstyle: 

This hairstyle is for all who have wavy hair. in this haircut, hairs are volumized from the top and give you a fade cut from both sides. You can use a gel or may wax to set your hairs evenly.

2. Classy Crew Cut Hairstyle: 

2.1: Clean Crew Cut with High dwindle: 

This hairstyle is almost similar to the military-style haircut which is sharp and friable. In this hairstyle, there is a shave along the sides and back of your head. This hairstyle is for all occasional purposes, it suits best if you are going to the office or going to a bar. 

2.2 :Side role Crew Cut with Mid Fade: 

This is a well-dressed and professional going look alongside part crew cut.  In this hairstyle, the short sides and back start from the middle of the head. You can set your hair by using a good brand wax or gel that helps you get your desired shape. 

2.3:Cram Neat Crew Cut hairstyle: 

If you have thin feathery hair, this brushed-up hairstyle is for you as it gives you a fuller look. It is good for all who want a more presentable hairstyle. Use pomade to set your hair. 

What is the difference between a crew cut and a flat top? 

The flat top hairstyle is similar to a crew cut but the difference is only that in the flat cut hairstyle, hairs at the top are longer and styled like a boxed look. 

Final verdict: 

We have shared all the crew-cut hairstyles with you and also their all kinds. And we guided you completely. Now, you can choose it according to your style and choice. If you like our write-up let us know in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.

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