Is Aventino watches scam (Aug 2022) detailed reviews!

In this write-up we will discuss the Aventino watches scam. Wristwatches have consistently been popular among the youth. Most of the United Kingdom and United States people are more interested in wrist watches. When you are thinking to buy something online you should know the reviews of the product. Here we are going to share all the details of Aventino wristwatches with you. 

So, stay with us till the end! Let’s dive into the detail.

What are Aventino Watches? 

Most people want to know whether is Aventino watches scam or not. well! We will answer this query in detail. But first, let me tell you about the Aventino watches. Aventino watches is the online luxury wristwatch web- store that was started in January 2018. It is considered the most trusted site for wristwatches. They have a wide range of collections. You will easily find your favorite one. You can also gift this beautiful wristwatch to your loved ones on special occasions. This website provides shipping throughout the globe so you can make a purchase wherever you live in the world. 

Specifications of Aventino wrist watches: 

Here we are sharing all the specifications of Aventino wristwatches with you. Have a look at all the specifications before you purchase from their website: 

  •  Aventino’s official Website link is – 
  •  This website Domain was created on date-7-Jan-2018. 
  • The office address is not mentioned on their official website. 
  •  They have not shared any contact details for customers.  
  • The email address of the website is also not available. 
  •  This website does not provide any offer to its customers.  
  • This website will offer you free shipping on the order above $100. 
  • Delivery time is not specified by the website. 
  • Exchange and return policies are not mentioned. 
  • A newsletter is available for this company. 
  •  They will give you Payment methods like American Express, PayPal, MasterCard, and VISA.  
  •  This website gives you a-12 months warranty. 
  • The tracking feature is available for customers.  
  • They do not provide you with a refund. 

Up-sides of Aventino Watches: 

Here we are sharing the up-sides of Aventino Watches, have a look before making a purchase. 

  •  Aventino Watches website is nearly four years now.   
  • The Aventino Watches web- store provides its customers free shipping on orders of $100.  
  • The website provides you with a twelve months warranty.  
  • This website is successful on Instagram as they have a huge follower there.  
  •  Many customers share their shopping experience with this website on Instagram. 

Downsides of Aventino Watches: 

Here we are sharing the downsides of Aventino watches with you. 

  • The Aventino Watches website does not share any contact details. 
  • The Aventino website is not much popular on Facebook. 
  • This website did not share its physical address. 
  • This website does not mention any return or refund policy. 

Is Aventino Watches a Scam? 

Aventino watches

 In this modern era, it is important to understand the legitimacy of a website before you make a purchase. Because there are many scammers online that may take your sensitive information and misuse it. So be aware of sharing any of your card details at the online store. First, make sure of the legitimacy of the store you are going to make a purchase.

 Here we are sharing some important points of Aventino wristwatches: 

  • Domain age of the website – The website’s domain name is formed on 07-01-2018, which means the web- store is near to four years now. 
  • Index score- According to the index score referee, the Aventino Watches website has an 86% trust score.  
  • Trust rank- The trust rank of this web -store is above average as it has gained 85.4/100. 
  • Buyer’s reviews- At their official website. We do not have collected any buyer reviews. 
  • Office address – There is no office address available about the Aventino watches company on their website.  
  • Content – The content of this website does not look professional, it’s an average source of content.  
  • Online review pages- We have seen some reviews about this website at Trustpilot. 
  • Popularity- This website is somehow popular but not as famous as we are expecting.  
  • Social media – This website is socially active. It has verified social media accounts.

Reviews about Aventino watches: 

We have collected reviews from different social media sites for you. This website is active on Facebook and Instagram. On Instagram, this website has 53.6k followers but it is not much popular on Facebook. At Trustpilot, this website has only a few reviews. 

On their official website, they do not own any reviews by their customers. So, there are some positive and some negative aspects available of this website. Have a look at all the detail if you are thinking to purchase from this website. 

Bottom line: 

It was a brief discussion on the Aventino watches scam. We have shared all the possible details of this website, have a look at all the details and reviews before you purchase from this website. How did you find this piece of information, let us know in the comment box below?

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