Useful tips to take a better selfie?

In this write-up, we will share useful tips to take a better selfie. Every teenager knows how to take good selfies. You do not need to be a professional to take a good selfie at all. You just have to follow –up on some useful tips to make your selfie a good one and like a celebrity selfie. In this modern age, everybody is fond to take a selfie but only a few people know how to take good selfies.

Do most people have a query How do you make yourself look more attractive in selfies? You can look attractive by using these tips: You can move your arms and set a good position and you can also give a good gesture by moving your hands. You should practice more to take a good selfie. 

We have collected some facts behind a good selfie that we are sharing with you. So, stay with us till the end. Let’s dive into details! 

7 Selfie Tips & Tricks to take a good selfie: 

Here we are sharing 7 useful tips to take a better selfie. 

1. Pick the right camera angle: 

If you want to have to good selfie, it’s important to keep your camera angle above your head. There are many selfies angles you can choose to make your selfie look good. Some people use a selfie angle that will hide their double chin. Yes, it is possible to hide your double chin, if you set your camera at a right angle. If you are a short heightened one, you will look taller, if you take the selfie from below. So, it all depends on the angle you set for your selfie. Set a good angle and that’s all. 

2. Go for Natural light: 

It’s a fantastic thing if you use natural light for your selfie. It makes your selfie more versatile and natural looking. Natural light is a free source, so use it in your selfies to have a better result. If you live indoors, then try to take a selfie by standing next to your window. But if you are outdoor then you can set your position from where the light directly comes to you. 

3. Use a selfie stick: 

It’s a good tip to use a selfie stick to take your selfies. Your face will look wider if you take the selfie closer to the camera lens. You can use a selfie stick for a group photo. With your arm, you cannot avoid the distortion with the length of your arm, so it’s better to use a selfie stick. 

A selfie stick is not an expensive one, you can buy a budget-friendly stick that has good material, and an extension mechanism with it. 

4. Go for a Portrait Mode: 

Did you ever notice that the professionals’ portraits have a blurred background as it gives depth to your photo? You can also create this depth in your selfies by using your smartphone camera that has a special mode called portrait mode, especially on iPhones. If you do not have this feature on your phone, you can install a camera app. In some android cameras, it is named selfie mode. 

5. Adjust the camera settings: 

You can set your camera settings to take a good selfie. In some phones, it is called the professional mode. 

 This mode allows you to choose the ISO, the white balance, the shutter speed, and even the file format in which you want to save your selfie. There are many editing apps available that allow you to make your simple selfie into a professional one by giving you different touchups. 

6. Use props in your selfie: 

You can use different props in your selfie to make it look better than a simpler one. You can simply install an app from the play store. And you can add a prop to your selfie at no cost. 

7. Set the background: 

Another most crucial thing is to set your background while taking a selfie. It is important to have a good background with good lighting. Some people avoid this fact. For this purpose, you can install a top-rated app from the play store. There are so many apps available that give you a brilliant background to go with. Or you can also set your background by yourself if you know how to set up a good background. 

How can you improve the quality of a selfie? 

Useful tips to take a better selfie

You can consider these measures while taking your selfie: 

  1. Set a good side and angle for your selfie. 
  2. Find the good light. 
  3. Place the Camera higher than your head. 
  4. Give a genuine smile. 
  5.  Use master photo editing.

Final thought: 

It was a brief discussion on useful tips to take a better selfie. You can check all the tips before you take your selfie. We hope it was informative details for you, if yes then let us know in the comment box below. 

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