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Can you use Swiffer on tile floors? 

In this write-up, we will discuss the Swiffer and the way how to use it on the different floors. Most house owners look to have convenient and easy-to-use products for home cleaning. There are many home cleaners available in the market, one of the most popular one is Swiffer which is an American brand. But most experts said that Swiffer is not a smart choice as it is not good for tiles.

Here we will share how to use Swiffer and some alternatives you can try to avoid any harm to your tiles. Stay with us till the end to have all the details! 

What is meant by Swiffer? 

It is an American brand that offers cleaning products that are manufactured by Procter & Gamble. This brand was started in 1999, at that time the brand stands for the “razor-and-blades” business model. Swiffer is a cleaning product that may be harmful to your floor. So that we will share all the safest possible ways of cleaning your tiles. Do most people have a query Should I use Swiffer wet or dry?

The best way of application of Swiffer is to go with a both wet and dry cloth. Firstly, use a dry cloth to pick up the dust, and dirt from the surface, and then use wet clothe that will clean the whole surface. Either dry or wet clothing can be used for surface cleaning, but it works better if you use both clothes one after another.

What does a Swiffer do? 

Swiffer cleaner is a combination of a sweeper and a mop. Wet clothes are ideal for mopping and it is used for drying tough greasy surface and dry cloth is for dust, dirt, and lint.

Effects of Swiffer on different surfaces: 

Can you use Swiffer on tile floors

Here we will share the effects of Swiffer on different surfaces. So that you can easily decide whether you want to use it or not. 

1. Marble surfaces: 

Swiffer is not for your marble surface as it has 10 PH. And PH 10 as you know, has alkaline nature so it’s not perfect for your marble surface.

 As Carol Smith, the owner of Hire a Maid said that “Because the Swiffer Wet Jet has a pH level of ten, making it alkaline, it isn’t suited for any delicate surfaces like marble that require a neutral six to eight pH cleaners,” 

Alternative to Swiffer: 

You can use the Weiman line of products instead of Swiffer.

2. Laminate floor: 

As we told you earlier, Swiffer is alkaline so again it’s not an effective choice for the laminate floor. As Amanda Weatherholt says, “The Wet Jet leaves the floor streaky and just moves the dirt around—it does not clean the floor’’ 

Alternative to Swiffer: 

You can use a small drop of dawn dish soap along with warm water instead of Swiffer. 

3. Vinyl floor: 

Swiffer wet jet is a cheaper and poor option to go with. Dean Davies who is a supervisor of a Uk home service firm said that it takes a lot more effort to scrub tough spots, and it won’t be as effective as the regular mop.” What’s more, says Davies, you will need at least four pads to clean a regular-sized kitchen. “It’s an environmental and economic disaster!” 

Alternative to Swiffer: 

You can use a microfiber swab to clean your vinyl floor. That can eliminate the stains from the surface. 

4. Wooden deck:

You can use Swiffer on your wooden deck. But again, it’s not a good option. As Davis says “The Wet Jet is not suitable for wooden deck cleaning, because its pads are almost as thin as paper towels,”  

Alternative to Swiffer:

 You can use a commercial mop and a Citra clean cleaner instead of Swiffer. Swiffer is good for finished floors but not an ideal option for wooden floors. 

5.Indoor tiles: 

For indoor tiles, you can go for an e-cloth deep clean mop that is similar to the Swiffer but it is a water-based rectangular mop. You do not need any additional cleaning products to go with it. You just have to spray the water over the mob and that’s all. 

Why you shouldn’t use a Swiffer? 

Swiffer is not considered the most effective and qualitative option for cleaning your tile. Because it has an alkaline solution. As with many cleanings, experts use to say that Swiffer is not a good option to go with. 

Final verdict: 

We have shared all the possible details about Swiffer and its alternatives. If you are conscious about your home cleaning, then might you be the one who wants the perfect cleaner for your home. Swiffer is good for cleaning but does not deal with your different surfaces as we have described above. Before you go to purchase a Swiffer or any cleaning product, have a detailed look at the product online and then buy the product so that your hard money will not go wasted. What product do you use for cleaning purposes in your home? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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