How to choose your first electric bike?

In this write-up, we will discuss some useful facts that will help you in choosing your electric bike. If you are the one who is going to buy your first e-bike, then you need to have complete detail on it. Nowadays, e-bikes have taken over traditional bikes. Now, most riders like e-bikes and stop using the traditional bike. As e-bikes are modern technology based so, people like their new features. After covid-19 e-bikes get more popular among riders. 

So, stay with us to have complete details about e-bikes. Let’s dive into it! 

What is meant by e-bike? 

An electric bike is called a motorized bicycle. And it has an integrated eclectic motor that reduces rider pedal power. There are many kinds of e-bikes available in the market but mostly e-bikes are of two kinds. You can choose which one you want or like. As the new technology has arrived, many experts make a lot of changes to the traditional bikes and create a new trendy and stylized e-bike. This new trendy e-bike comes with innovative components that are made for rider assistance. 

Experts introduced several kinds of electric bicycles according to riders’ needs and choices. For instance, foldable e-bikes, cargo versions, ultra-light e-bikes, and many others. Do most people have a query What is the price of an electric bike in Pakistan? 

In Pakistan, the Price range for e-bikes is between 109000 PKR to 110000 PKR. 

Tips on How to Choose Your First Electric Bike wisely: 

We are sharing some useful tips that will help you in choosing your first be-bike wisely. 

  • An e-bike that fits you best: 

You must consider the e-bike that fits you best. For instance, for what purpose you are going to buy an e-bike, is important. Whether you need a bike for long journeys or just grocery shopping or a smooth road or rough road. You have to consider all these facts before you make a purchase. Electric bikes are of two kinds, recreational and commuter e-bikes. 

  • Consider safety while buying an e-bike: 

Before you buy your e-bike you should consider safety measures first. As you should to take a look that the e-bike has a stopping power that needs to match your motor. You also have to check the seat, light, and reflectors of the e-bike. One of the most famous ones that have come with the smart technology is Honbike HF0. It is a shaft drive e-bike. This e-bike can detect the slops automatically. This one is best for hills riding. 

  • Take a look at which e-bike motor fits you best: 

Before your purchase let us tell you that there are two common types of e-bike motors available. One of them is a hub motor and another one is mid-drive. However, mostly wholesalers and retailers would like to sell hub motors than mid-drive. A hub motor has the power to increase a bike’s acceleration when you propel the pedal further. But still, they are not as good as mid-drive. Both the e-bikes have similar battery timing even though the hub motor is good for hilling rides. 

  • Choose an e-bike according to your body weight: 

When you are going to purchase your e-bike, first consider the weight of your electric bicycle. Your body weight should be suitable for your e-bike. If your weight does not match your e-bike, it may cause discomfort during your ride. However, most riders like lightweight electric bikes. This is because a rider can park it easily. Mostly folded design is preferred.  

  • Choose according to your budget: 

You should consider your budget when you think to buy an e-bike. Usually, a buyer should need $1,500 or more to buy an e-bike. Do not go for a cheap one, as it may be not of good quality e-bike. You should have to consider the configuration and motor of the e-bike before you buy it. 

For instance, Honbike Chain Free is one of the best e-bikes that have a shaft drive system and smart drive modern technology. This e-bike is appreciated globally by riders. You have to choose your e-bike according to your route. Either, you need a single-speed or three-speed e-bike. You have to spend more money if you want a high-gear e-bike for the climbing area to discover. 

  • Check –out Battery Range and Power: 

The battery performance of an e-bike is another crucial thing to consider. If you need a 15 to 25 km ride daily then you can go for a smaller battery. A 400-watt-hour or more battery is needed if you go for a long distance daily. 

As a first-time buyer, you have to check the power of your e-bike. A buyer will require a 250 watt to ride downhill, and a 500 watt to ride uphill. So, choose according to your need. 

  • Consider a low –maintenance e-bike: 

As a new buyer, you should consider a low-maintenance e-bike so that you do not need to spend your hard money again and again. And you should also choose the company that offers a good warranty to its riders. 

Which is the best electric bike to buy? 

These are the best e-bikes to buy: 

  • Ather 450/ 450X
  • Revolt RV400 
  • Bajaj Chetak
  • TVS iQube 2022
  • Hero Photon 
  • Bounce Infinity E1

Final verdict: 

In this write-up, we have shared all the useful tips to buy an electric bike if you are a new buyer. Have a look at all the information before you make a purchase. How did you like our piece of information, let us know in the comment box below. 

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