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Greatfon Instagram viewer – Best way to view Instagram stories 

 It’s time to Say bye-bye to the tedious Instagram story viewer and welcome the new creation like Greatfon. Greatfon is an up-to-date app that users are ready to consume. It’s time to take leverage from this terrific app. Through this new app, a user can view and share stories smoothly with others. In addition, Greatfon is a fantastic app to get engaged with your friends and view their Instagram stories without any hustle. Through this write-up, we will let you know why Greatfon is an enormous app and how to download it on your cell phone. So, stay with us till the end to have full instructions. Let’s dive directly into it! 

What is meant by the Greatfon Instagram app? 

Greatfon Instagram app comes with a brilliant feature that permits its users to view the stories of others without patronage the person. Through this app, a user can consume what they want at an ease. A user can download the videos using this app. Greatfon is a freebie app so, go ahead and lavish with its features. Greatfon is compatible with all devices such as IOS and android. 

There is only one downside of this app, which is that it demolishes the privacy of users, as anybody can view and download the content of others without knowing them. This feature is considered intrusive somehow. 

How Does Greatfon Work? 

Maybe you are the one who covets to save and view others’ Instagram stories without knowing them. Well! It is attainable now for all of you who ever wished it. Greatfon is a freebie app that permits its users to consume what they wished ever before of viewing any one content without logging in. 


However, it’s a kind of snooping on someone’s Instagram story but it’s legal, how hilarious is this! And you can enjoy all this stuff without any barge in of ads that mostly pop out during streaming. These features make Greatfon an extravagant app for its users. 

 Go ahead and download the Greatfon now and watch the Instagram stories of anybody you wish. A user has to download the app first and after that select which account from which user you want to espionage. Once you selected it, the story of that person will download within seconds and be accessible for the next 24 hours. It’s all and all tremendous we can say that. Do most people have a query that Can I view Instagram photos anonymously? You can watch Instagram stories anonymously by using an incognito account. You can also go with the Greatfon app that permits its users to view anybody’s Instagram story without knowing them.

How to operate the Greatfon app: 

Right below, we are sharing all the steps you have to come after to operate this new app: 

  • First of all, a user has to download the app. 
  • This app is easily accessible at the App store or on the Google play store. 
  • A user has to go through the sign-up process after the installation of the app. 
  • Now, you can view others’ Instagram stories and in addition, you can even view stories going through the hashtags and locations. 
  • For doing that, a user has to tap on the magnifying glass icon that is placed at the bottom of the screen. Go there and search for a hashtag or location. 
  • If a user intends to save the story it’s also viable by just taping on the heart icon at the bottom of your screen. 
  • Finally, the story is saved for what you intend. 
  • What if you saw something inappropriate? well! You have to report it for sure! And for that purpose, you have to click on the bubble icon right next to the post and report it, that’s all! Your duty is off. 

What makes it more acceptable than its contenders? 

Some features make Greatfon stand out as the finest app for viewing Instagram stories. 

  • This app is a freebie. 
  • No popping out of ads during watching the stories. 
  • UX is perfect to go with. 
  • Users can download the story and enjoy it offline. 
  • No limits are set, you can watch how much content you want to watch per day. 
  • It brings forth high-quality videos to watch. 
  • This app comes with an auto-play feature that you can able and disable according to your intention. (If you do not want to blitz by videos) 

Features that we have mentioned above make Greatfon more acceptable and easier to go with the app compared to its rivals. 

What is the best Instagram viewer? 

The best 3 Instagram viewers are as follows: 

  •  Glassagram 
  •  uMobix 
  •  MSpy 

Final takeaway: 

It was a brief discussion on the Greatfon app that is introduced by Instagram. Greatfon is a superlative app that permits you to view others’ Instagram stories without knowing them. How did you find this content, let us know in the comment box below? We would love to hear from you. 

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