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What is Quordle? Learn about the most popular word game

Quordle is one of the most popular word games on the planet today. Wordle was the first word game that took the world by storm but as time passed that game became easier for people and that is where Quordle came in and took the game world by storm. 

Quordle is inspired by the popular word game and is talked about a lot these days but its not a simple word game, there is so much more to this game. This game is for anyone who wants to challenge their linguistic skills or just get better with words.

What is Quordle?

Quordle is Wordle but quadrupled meaning it is 4 times more complex than the original word game. The game is played the same way as before, you as a player have to guess a five letter word each day and the game verifies if you have the correct letters by putting them in green, yellow or gray squares.

In the original word game players had to guess only one five letter word each day but in Quordle in order to win the game you have to guess 4 words five letter each which is 4 times harder than the previous iteration.

You also get more guesses to guess all four words in Quordle. In Wordle players used to get 6 guesses to guess that one word but Quordle gives you 9 guesses to guess all 4 words which is more challenging and more interesting as well some might say.


Quordle is also different because it gives its players two gameplay options. The first option is like Wordle; it gives the player one guess to guess the word daily. But the second option is where this game becomes different, and it provides the players with an unlimited number of guesses if you click on the practice button. This second option is attractive and will satisfy all your needs for word guessing because your guesses will never run out. 

I want to point out that if you choose the second option of practice and guess tons of words, that won’t be counted in your daily word streak.

What made Quordle?

Fans of the original game Wordle develop Quordle. They played Wordle for the longest time and then saw another word game come to the scene called Dordle and that’s where they thought they could create something like that because they have been playing it that long.

Dordle is a game that lets players guess 2 five letter words simultaneously, so it is the enhanced version of Wordle but still can’t be compared with Quordle.

Freddie Meyer is one of the founding members of Quordle, and he said his friend David Mah put together the prototype of the game “in a moment of evil and genius.” 

He says the first iteration had a horrific code base, had two keyboards, and didn’t work so well, but he knew he had to keep going. He also credits another person Guilherme S Tows on the creation of Quordle.

Today Quordle has over 500,000 players who play it daily and has had more than a million players in its lifetime.

Is Quordle going to be free forever?

The owner and founder, Freddie Meyer, said he has no plans to monetize this game; he enjoys people playing this fantastic game and getting better.

Quordle vs Wordle: Comparison

Quordle, to put it simply, is just like the famous game Wordle but made four times more challenging. As we mentioned above, Quordle was created by fans of the original game, they made a spinoff version of the game, and that’s how Quordle came into being.

Wordle might inspire Quordle, but it does have its distinctions, like the unlimited gameplay is unique to this game and is not found in any other game. Unlimited guesses make this game more addictive, so if you get something wrong, you can try again until you get it right.

Quordle has become popular very fast but has not reached Wordle’s heights. You can play the game for free if you go to; I will definitely recommend this game because it is fun and improves your linguistic skills.

How to install Quordle on Android?

Android has come a long way now and it’s just as good as IOS or even better in many respects. It has a unique feature which lets you install a web page like an app, and you can do that by using the chrome browser. It will function like a regular native android app which is a lot better than using the website.

You can follow these steps to install Quordle like an app on Android:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser which should be installed on all Android devices by default. And I believe it is considered as a system app on most devices and you can’t uninstall it.
  2. Navigate to Quordle’s homepage by typing this in the address bar:
  3. Access the options menu by tapping on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen, when the menu opens up you will see tons of options on it which might look confusing at first but is quite simple.
  4. You can ignore all options on the menu and click on the option that says “Install app” and as soon as you click on that, it will give you a popup menu that will ask you for the app’s name. You can give it any name you want and then click on the OK button.
  5. That will add the Quordle app on your homepage, and anytime you tap on it, and it will open up like a very cool app.

Quordle is a perfect game, and I have enjoyed it very much; I recommend it to anyone who wants word games. I want to thank you for getting this far and wish you good luck on your Quordle journey.

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