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Quality content, be it for academic or marketing purposes, is the need of the hour these days. In our opinion, quality content is the type of content that features unique writing and impeccable grammar. However, it is pretty challenging to articulate such content easily, primarily if you have already written a lot on the given topic. Most of the time, it happens with students, content writers, and digital marketers.

That being said, it is natural for Students, writers, and digital marketers to look for a platform to help them avoid plagiarism in their content by identifying duplication and rewriting it. Recently, we came across one such efficient platform known as RewriteGuru. It offers some efficient utilities such as a plagiarism checker and paraphrase tool. While its plagiarism checker comes with many benefits, we will be focusing on its paraphrase tool here.

We have put together some valuable details about the sentence changer here. If you want to learn more about this tool, then make sure to read this writing thoroughly. Further details are given below:

A Brief Intro of Paraphrase tool by RewriteGuru

Paraphrasing content is considered a skill that involves a variety of practices, such as changing prominent words with their suitable synonyms, altering the voice of sentences, and changing their structure or tone without affecting their meaning. However, most of the available tools for this purpose only change a few words in the content.

The AI-based sentence rephraser by Rewriteguru gives the content a new shape without altering its meaning. People trust this tool’s efficiency and extensive library that features over 1.5 million synonyms. It is available for use in multiple countries across the world. You can also join 5 million active users who use this sentence changer to rewrite content for various purposes.

RewriteGuru Review

Using this tool is not tricky; all you have to do is access the tool, paste or import the content you want to rewrite, choose the language and mode according to your requirements and tap the paraphrase button. This tool will do the job in no time, and you will get quality rewritten content free of duplication and grammar mistakes.

Notable Features of RewriteGuru’s Paraphrasing Tool

Here we will discuss some noteworthy features of the paraphrasing tool offered by this platform. Knowing those features will help you understand how this efficient tool can cater to your requirements, whether you are using it to rewrite academic work or digital marketing content. Read on to know more:

Exceptional UI

Users demand an optimum experience while visiting a website or using any utility available on it. This tool checks all the boxes when it comes to offering the kind of UX users expect from an efficient tool. Moreover, because of its convenient interface, you won’t have to struggle while using this tool. Everything is right in front of the eyes. You simply have to select the content you want to rewrite and leave the rest on the tool. As soon as you provide it with the content, choose your preferences, and click on the paraphrase button, it will start doing its job without any further ado.

Support for Multiple Languages

You may have come across several tools in the category that claims to be highly efficient but fail to fulfill the requirements of non-English writers because of a lack of support for other languages. However, this is not the case with this paraphrasing tool. There is no need to worry if you want to rewrite sentences of the content that is written in other languages. The good news is this tool offers support for 10 languages in addition to English.

Multiple Paraphrasing Modes

This tool offers multiple paraphrasing modes according to the requirements of the users. Users can pick a few free modes when using the tool, such as smart spin, ultra spin, and manual replacement. However, if the users go premium by subscribing to any package offered by the RewriteGuru, they can use all 7 paraphrasing modes and enjoy human-level rewriting because of the AI-based algorithm and the extensive synonym library of this tool.

Copyright Checking and Word Count

This paraphrase tool provides users with all the necessary features they expect from an efficient utility. It allows users to check for copyright to ensure that the content generated by this tool is free of any duplication to avoid negative consequences. Moreover, this tool also provides the feature of word count to help you keep the number of words in your content well within the allowed limit.

The Wrap

Finding an efficient paraphrase tool with AI support and an extensive library that is capable of delivering human-level rewriting is not so easy. However, some utilities can help you achieve the goals mentioned above. The sentence rephraser by RewriteGuru is one such utility. We have given its brief intro and discussed its worth mentioning features above to help you understand its usefulness. Hopefully, this entire discussion will be helpful for you in judging the right sentence changer for your usage.

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