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The perfect 6 steps of skincare regimen

Skincare often forgotten when you think about selfcare but we can argue that it is the most important part of our bodies because that is what everyone sees when they look at you. No matter what your skincare needs are following a skincare regimen can be difficult for a lot of people. 

Most of our bathroom drawers are filled with products that are either irritating, underwhelming or totally ineffective. If you are in the same boat then you came to the right place, together we will go through 6 simple steps daily skin care routine at home which will revolutionize your skincare regimen.

So, let’s get started with step one:

  1. Cleanser:

Properly cleansing your skin is step one for best skin care routine because before applying anything else to your skin it needs to be cleaned up. It is an essential step because it removes impurities that your skin absorbs from makeup and your environment as well. If you live in an overly polluted area then cleansing is even more important for you because of the environment you live in. 

We like Papaya enzyme for normal to oily skin types or use a gentle cleanser if you have sensitive skin. You can use the cleanser in the morning, it would be particularly good to use after a workout if you want to freshen up, you can freshen up with the cleanser and then apply your makeup and start your day. Again, if you have sensitive skin and cleansing can irritate your skin, we recommend using micellar water or gently towel your skin after cleansing.

We also recommend adding exfoliation to your cleansing routine a few times a week, you can use Clay of any brand for that.

  1. Toner:

People mostly skip this part of skincare regimen and don’t know much about it. If you are one of these people don’t worry, I won’t judge you but it is an important step to follow and let’s talk about it. This step is used to target specific skin concerns, everyone is different and has different issues regarding their skin. That is why this step is designed to address those issues, some people have overly visible skin pores or active breakouts etc.

skincare regimen

Skincare technology has come a long way and toners today are not what they were a decade ago, we recommend clarifying pads to treat acne, dullness, large pores, hyperpigmentation and aging for all skin types. We recommend using this step once or twice a day depending on your individual needs.

  1. Eyes:

Skin around your eyes is more delicate and thinner than the rest of your face so that area needs special care. Because that part is super delicate, we need to use a product that is designed to treat certain gentle areas. The product has to be gentle but effective as well so that it can address wrinkle prevention, puffiness and dark circles which are common problems of that region.

You can use many different products but we recommend using something that has peptides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide to reduce puffiness and combat dark circles and reduce aging lines as well. These items are easy to absorb and work really well so this can be a quick little step before you apply makeup.

  1. Serums:

Serums are also an important step for any skincare regimen, they help nourish your skin provide it with necessary nutrients to help it heal and fight the visible signs of aging. These serums are applied before moisturizers for maximum absorption. When selecting the perfect serum make sure it suits your skin type and provides you with maximum benefits.

If you have a really damaged skin, we recommend using a serum in the morning and also at night so that you can maximize the healing ability of your skin. There are tons of serums available in the market but we will recommend something with peptides and hyaluronic acid which will provide your skin with maximum hydration and lift it up as well. 

Most of these serums are also packed with healthy vitamins and antioxidants which helps repair skin collagen and helps our skin produce more collagen as well. Other ingredients that you should look for in a serum are retinol, Vitamins C and E, sea whip extract and bisabolol which will help repair damage to your skin and make you look younger.

  1. Moisturizer:

Moisturizers are also extremely important for any skincare regimen but fortunately this is one area where people don’t slack. Moisturizers are one of the most sold products in the skincare industry because almost everyone moisturizes their skin after a shower or just after washing their face. Moisturizers are an excellent base for makeup because they absorb quickly into the pores of the skin and stay locked in to protect it all day from makeup and other environmental impurities. 

There are tons of different moisturizers in the market so I won’t bore you with details but I will say one thing, get a moisturizer that contains botanical extracts.

  1. SPF (Sun Protection Factor):

Whenever someone asks me what is the most important skincare product and I always say SPF. The best care if preventative care, if the damage has already happened to your skin, then we are using serums to repair it all but if you stop the damage from happening that is the care I always recommend. 

The harmful sun rays are coming down all the time not just in the summer so we need to apply a SPF product to our skins at all times to prevent aging and damage. I recommend at least SPF 30, and if you are working outside or are just going to be out for long periods of time, I recommend reapplying SPF every two hours and the higher the SPF the better it will be for your skin.
In conclusion if you follow the steps mentioned above and make them part of your skincare regimen you will look fresh and forever young.

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