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Fossils last stand restaurant (Sep 2022) reviews

Fossils last stand might sound like a name of a movie but it is a restaurant located in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, USA. The restaurant is good but it became super popular because of a Lyft incident that happened outside of it.

A video of a Lyft driver arguing with two passengers outside of Fossils last stand restaurant got viral and received more than six hundred thousand views on Twitter. The incident happened between James Bode who was the Lyft driver and two of his passengers in front of Fossils last stand restaurant in Catasauqua, PA. The driver accused the passengers of passing racial remarks and files a case against them for assault.

Reviews of Fossils Last Stand Restaurant:

Reputation is everything for a restaurant and when bad reviews start piling up on Google or Yelp the restaurant can sink really fast. It is really hard to come out of bad reviews, people generally plan their outings and if they see bad reviews on Google, they might pick another restaurant because that industry is so competitive.

When the video got viral on Facebook and Twitter social media platforms it hit the restaurant really hard, people were infuriated by the racial comments made by those people and somehow associated it with the Fossils Last Stand restaurant. 

On Trip Advisor which is a reputable website Fossils Last Stand has a rating of 4 but people only have posted 5 reviews on that platform but it has a rating of 4.2 from 642 votes on the Facebook platform. The Yelp rating of this restaurant has been affected the most from that incident and people have been giving this restaurant 1 or 0 rating because of it which is certain not good for the future of this establishment.


Fossils Last Stand Owner’s Lyft Incident:

The main reason why the Fossils Last Stand restaurant got hit badly with bad reviews is because one of the passengers of the Lyft car was the owner of this restaurant.

So, this is what happened in this incident, the Lyft driver James was booked by client Jackie and was set to pick her up from the front of Fossils Last Stand restaurant. He got there on time and as she was about to enter the car, she passed a racist comment which basically meant that James looks like a white guy and he must speak good English too. This comment which is obviously racist irked James and he asked her to repeat what she just said.

Fossils last stand

This incident was recorded by the dashcam of the driver, and James informed the client that they are being recorded this very moment. James made s judgement call and refused to take them to their destination on account of the comment they made which started this huge argument between the two passengers and James. As the owner of Fossils Last Stand restaurant was leaving the car he threatened the Lyft driver with assault and hurled more horrific racial slurs at him which he didn’t know got viral on almost all social media platforms.

Viral video of the Racial Slur incident:

The incident took place in the summer time on the 13th of May and James Bode the Lyft driver uploaded that video interaction to his Facebook account the same day. In his post under the video in caption he says that he thinks it was the owner of Fossils Last Stand restaurant but he is not sure about that.

He also mentioned that he did file police complaint against the passengers for the assault threats that they made before leaving.

Reaction of the people on the incident:

People of Pennsylvania have given strong reactions after watching that viral video. A lot of people are giving negative reviews about the restaurant online and people of the city are not okay with these racist comments. 

They won’t tolerate judging an individual based on his/her color, race or language. Fossils Last Stand’s review on Yelp have been the worst, people have been giving 0 or 1 rating to this restaurant which is causing serious damage to it.

Highlights of Yelp reviews from Sep 2022:

As I mentioned above Yelp reviews for Fossils Last Stand have been particularly bad and I wanted to highlight some of those reviews for you. Lets take a look at the most recent comments:

  • Jamie Raine: Read up on this restaurant. They are notorious racist and don’t mind using or saying the n word growtoriously. If I were you, I wouldn’t eat at this establishment.
  • Concerned Citizen: I ate here and the blandness of the food made me nauseous. The atmosphere created by the owners probably contributed to the sickness feeling.
  • Fantasy Gamer: There’s cockroaches everywhere i even saw a rat food gave me Diarrhea for a week.
  • Doze One: Trash employees trash food trash owners don’t go here unless you want trash.
  • Brenda Risser: Cozy, inviting, hometown pub. Great food & supberb, friendly staff!! I ordered the Brian burger. A 1/2 pound burger topped with bacon, pork roll & topped with melted American cheese. The pork roll was perfect, sliced thinly & crispy around the edges. 5 of us ate here for under $60. Will most definitely be back.

As you can see the reviews above are not good at all and looks like if this keeps up this restaurant won’t survive.


Internet has made this world a very small place, any action that you take in public is recorded and archived forever. So, if you make a racist comment like the owner of Fossils Last Stand restaurant you will definitely suffer along with your business because now a days all communities are very diverse and people of all color and races live together in harmony and they certainly do not tolerate such poor behavior.

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