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Lindsey Goldstein Obituary (2022 update) Read the full story! 

Lindsey Goldstein Obituary read Whole Story Here! The guide gives information about the death announcement of the professional detective and sister of the famed Love Island contender.

Josh Goldstein, the contestant on Love Island, received the tragic news on the evening of 6th August 2021 concerning the passing of his brother, Lindsey Goldstein. The news came in the episode on Thursday, and Josh Goldstein made a sudden appearance.

The contestant got a text email from the family members regarding the passing of his sibling. In the wake of Islanders being created, people from Canada and the United States wonder what Josh’s sister’s name is, as well as the Lindsey Goldstein Obituary information.

The moment the message went out, everyone in the family and their relatives began sharing condolence messages for the deceased’s family via social media.

Who is Lindsey Goldstein Obituary?

Lindsey Goldstein Obituary is the sister of Josh Goldstein, the famed Love Island contestant Josh Goldstein. The couple was Lynn Goldstein and Marc Goldstein, located within Haverhill, Massachusetts. Alongside being the contestant’s sister, Lindsey was also an investigator for the Depart of Children and Families for the State of MA. The department focuses on preventing domestic violence and violence.

After the death announcement, Her colleagues want to know more about Lindsey Goldstein’s Obituary.

Lindsey Goldstein Obituary also served as the senior family interventionist in Youth Village and was actively engaged and involved with her wedding plans before when she passed away. She left her family behind. She also had a strong relationship with her brother, Josh Goldstein.

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Lindsey Goldstein Wiki

Her parents were Marc and Lynn Goldstein, and she was based in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Lindsey was employed as an investigator in the Department of Children and Families for the State of MA to protect against domestic violence and neglect.

Additionally, she was an interventionist for families with seniority in youth homes. Lindsey Goldstein Obituary was believed to be engaged and was involved with the wedding plans before her sudden death.

She was close with her brother Josh Goldstein.

Name:Lindsey Goldstein Obituary
Full Name:Lindsey Goldstein
Date of Birth:1994
Birthplace:Haverhill, Massachusetts
Death Date:6 August 2021
Death Place:NA
Marital Status:NA
Parent:Marc as well as Lynn Goldstein, borther – Josh Goldstein
Qualifications:Graduate in law
Profession:Department of Children and Families for the State of MA
Net Worth:$200k USD
Social media:Instagram
Weight:55 kg
Eye Color:NA
Hair Color:NA
Shoe Size:NA
National Origin:US

Boyfriend & Husband

Lindsey was reported to be engaged. However, there aren’t any solid details on his relationship. We pray that God bless those close to him and their families as they overcome this loss.

Net Worth

Based on the estimates that the net worth of Lindsey Goldstein could be USD 200k. However, there isn’t any evidence available to determine his exact earnings, net worth, or additional sources of earnings.

What Happened to Lindsey Goldstein?

Her relatives do not disclose information about the reasons for her death. The announcement of her expiration was first made public by her uncle Eric Goldstein. The uncle posted a social post on the internet confirming her death in the course of planning her wedding, which is scheduled for the next few months.

It isn’t established how she died, nor what was the cause of her death—the expiry.

Lindsey Goldstein Death Reason

On 6 August 2021, Josh Goldstein announced the tragic sad news that his sister Lindsey Goldstein passed away and left this world. Moreover, the death news was also confirmed by his uncle Eric Goldstein through out the social media handle.

“It’s unexpected, but she lived an unbelievable life, and I just need to be home with my family right now to support them, and I just want to let you guys know that I’m so grateful to have met all of you.”

Lindsey Goldstein Obituary

However, the cause of death is unknown and the actual reason for his passing is unavailable.

Meanwhile, Clair decided to accompany Josh Goldstein to support him through the tough phase. The perverse news came just a day after Goldstein and Clair had their official date on “Love Island.”

Lindsey Goldstein Obituary – How People are Reacting?

The news announced the news to Josh Goldstein between Thursday’s episode; Josh Goldstein was suddenly present between the two episodes. He was on Love Island right from the beginning of the show, and many of the cast members were grieving after witnessing his departure from the show.

Everyone who worked with him expressed condolences and posted sympathy messages on social media regarding his sister’s passing. A few viewers took to social media to pay tribute to the deceased soul and wrote, “RIP to Josh Goldstein’s sister and condolences to the entire family.”

After reading the Lindsey Goldstein Obituary, All his friends, relatives, and family members offered condolences and prayers for the soul who died and the loss of her family.

When was She Declared Dead?

It’s not known the date Lindsey Goldstein expired precisely; however, her uncle confirmed her expiration date as 6th August 2021. That same day, he sent a message to her sister Josh Goldstein who was on Love Island as a contestant of the show.

A family member is not required to disclose the cause and date of death.


It was a devastating setback that affected Josh Goldstein, the Love Island contestant who has been competing on this Love Island series. Following it was the Lindsey Goldstein Obituary contestant left to head to his house to pay the final tribute to the soul who had a special relationship with Josh.

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