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Tal Bahari Net Worth 2022 wants to know, Go ahead! 

This article gives information on Tal Bahari net worth. An infamous Irani businessman and former husband of Paulina Cohen. Are you aware of what the name of Tal Bahari is? What is his occupation? What isTal Bahari Net Worth ? How much is his wealth? Are you interested in knowing more about what his parents are like? Many people in the America United States want to know more about Tal Bahari. We will share some interesting information regarding Tal Bahari Net Worth.

Who is Tal Bahari?

tal bahari businessman

Tal Bahari is an entrepreneur who hails from Iran. He is the Chief Director for Cavalini Incorporate. Cavalini Inc is owned by Tal Bahari’s brother Fred Bahari. Cavalini Inc is doing business under the name Right Fashions. It is a wholesaler offering children’s and women’s clothing. Tal Bahari has citizenship in Iran.

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The Origin Story

Tal Bahar is an entrepreneur and Tal bahari age is 39 and who is a successful businessman from Iran and currently lives with his family in Los Angeles, U.S., with his two children.

There isn’t much public information about Bahar apart from his prior wedding to Paulina Ben-Cohen.

Bahari is the CEO of several companies. Because of his successful business ventures and his hard work, he has become a self-made millionaire.

This is a remarkable feat given that he is an immigrant of the first generation in the U.S that naturally has numerous challenges on the path to success.


While juggling Bahari’s thriving business career in Los Angeles, he met his soon-to-be bride, Paulina Ben-Cohen, and shortly after the first meeting; they began to date.

Their romance quickly grew into a romance, and they decided to wed.

Together, they have two kids One son and one daughter.

Cavalini Inc

Bahari is the chief executive officer for Cavalini, Inc, a wholesale business based in Los Angeles.

Based on Bloomberg, Cavalini Inc. produces and designs clothing. The company offers skirts and jackets, shorts, tops, coats, sweaters, capris trousers, vests, rompers and dresses.

The profitable wholesaler operates globally. Cavalini is managed by Bahari and his family.

Fred Bahari is the President, Payam Bahari is the CFO, Tal Bahari is the CEO, and Amber Calderon is the Assistant Designer. Cavalini Inc.’s headquarters are on 1536 S Alameda St Los Angeles, CA, 90021-2836 United States.

Cavalini makes up Cavalini and is part of the Apparel business Piece Goods and Notions Merchant Wholesalers Industry.

The company makes $5.56 million in revenue and has 20 employees.

Two companies are part of the Cavalini Inc. corp. Based on the public information, it’s safe to believe that Tal Bahari net worth is rising significantly.


Tal Bahari Net Worth

Tal bahari paulina ex husband Ben Cohen, is a mother of two with Paulin Ben Cohen. She had two sons when she was an unmarried mother.

The oldest child is seven years old, and the youngest is just five. Paulina added she intended to put her romance off to concentrate on raising her children. Except for a few photos in a few places, She appears to want to keep her children from the spotlight.

On August 28th, 2018, Tal Bahari net worth and Paulina Ben Cohen were reported to have declared divorce proceedings in Los Angeles County Superior Courts. The irreconcilable conflict is said to have led to their break up.

Tal Bahari Net Worth:

  • Presently, Tal Bahari net worth resides in Los Angeles and is counted as one of the most successful business people.
  • As an entrepreneur, he’s diversified his investments across different areas.
  • The financial and personal information of Tal Bahari net worth has not been released at the moment. Could determine Tal Bahari net worth from the reality that Tal and Paulina had purchased a home in Los Angeles for $1.9 million. Thus, he is thought to be a wealthy businessperson.
  • Since he serves as the Chief Executive Officer, his pay is not made public.
  • In general, Tal Bahari has multiple sources of income.
  • Tal Bahari comes from the Bahari family, which is also believed to be rich.
  • The most senior leadership team at Cavalini Inc comes from the Bahari family and includes Payam Bahari as the Chief Financial. We will look at the other factors influencing Tal Bahari net worth.
  • The estimates suggest Tal Bahari’s net worth is Tal Bahari is aged between 40-50 years old.
  • The year 2014 was when Tal got wed to Paulina Cohen, a renowned media celebrity.
  • They have two kids.
  • In 2018, Tal Bahari filed for divorce because Paulina Cohen saw the co-screenwriter, Mike. Paulina became married to Mike Shouhed recently.
  • Mike’s fans believe that Mike could be facing financial difficulties.
  • Mike had a failed venture last year.
  • In the year 2019, Mike had given his Hollywood Hills home on lease for 10000 dollars per month.
  • There is speculation that Tal will provide financial assistance to Paulina Cohen even though she has filed for divorce.

Mike has had money troubles outside of ‘Shahs of Sunset.

It’s probably good for Mike to have discovered Paulina at the time; however, as sources claimed to have informed All AboutTheTea, they believed that Mike had been suffering from problems with his finances before he revealed his romance with Paulina. Please don’t take this with an eye on the ball since Mike hasn’t himself confirmed the existence of serious financial problems; however, based on the evidence, it’s plausible.

In 2019, Mike purchased the property he owns in Hollywood Hills home as an Airbnb rental. Then, he listed it as an agreement for rent of 10,000 per month. The Shahs of Sunset fans will probably remember the first time he moved into his modern and spacious house, and it is, therefore, logical that he’d only consider leasing the property out if he was in financial trouble. Actor Reza Farahan also exposed the actor for selling merchandise featuring Reza’s image without consent. Mike may be in love; however, his entire life is complete chaos.

 Mike claims he’s ready to settle down with Paulina.

Despite all the other things going on in his life, Mike has stated in “Shahs of Sunset that he’s eager to be with Paulina. Reza claimed in the segment that “Mike has won the Persian lottery with his girlfriend”, and Mike has already declared Paulina his”soulmate. It could be a bit of a stretch. Let’s see how he reacts when the honeymoon phase has ended.

“My life has changed from the last year,” Mike said on the show. “I’m 40. I’m not looking to be married. I’d like to have children. I’ve found the one who will provide me with everything I’d like in my life.”

I hope he’s not watching dollar signs.


It’s unclear what the motive is behind why Tal Bahari keeps his financial and personal details confidential. It is, therefore, difficult to get information on Tal Bahari. Most people are interested in knowing about their age, net worth and other information that is common to pass on knowledge. However, since Tal Bahari comes from an extremely wealthy family and is a businessman and businessman, he is the CEO and the owner of a house worth 1.9 million dollars. It is believed the net worth of Tal Bahari amounts to the millions. So, we hope this information can give you an idea of Tal Bahari Net Worth.

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