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5 Best Games like Wizard 101? (2022 Updated)

If you are keen for games then surely, you want to know the games like wizard 101. Well! Wizard 101 is the oldest game for young players and for social interconnection. Wizard 101 has won many hearts word widely. Due to the demand for the wizard 101 game, there are many other alternatives to this game that have been introduced on the market for young players. 

However, today we are here to share the 5 best wizard 101 game alternatives for you that you may find much better than the wizard 101 games. If you are interested to know more about it, stay with us till the end! So, let’s dive right into it! 


What kinda game is Wizard101? 

Games like wizard 101 is an enormously multiplayer online game (MMORPG). In which players are ready to become wizards.

5 Best Games like Wizard 101: 

Below are the complete details of the 5 best games like wizard 101. 

1) Pirate101: 

This is our top 1 rated game in the alternative of wizard 101 games. Pirate 101 is an enormously multiplayer online game which is developed by KingsIsle Entertainment. In this game, the players have to find out the treasure of the “Spiral”. And players suppose themselves as heroic pirates who are on a mission to complete their goal. 

In the Pirate101 game, the players are propelled into a prison cell and where players design their flag, characters. A player also goes through the question series in which you will be determined by your class & history. In the prison cell, players have to make plans to escape from it, and then they will go on a fight to get out of the armada from prison. And the one, who saves you from prison will become the caption of his ship. 

2) King’s Road: 

This is the second-rated game in the alternative to wizard game 101. King’s Road is a browser-based enormously multiplayer online game. This game is developed by Rumble Entertainment in March 2013. 

 In Kings Road, the players are sent off to a road where they are on a mission. In this mission, players have to fight and kill all monsters & enemies. To complete the task, you are given some special powers, as you have the choice of a charmer, warrior, or maybe a hunter. All the characters have their specific style. Every character form can fight monsters and kill them. 

3) Sherwood Dungeon: 

Sherwood Dungeon is our third-rated game in the alternative wizard 101 games. Sherwood Dungeon is a browser-based MMO. This game has a simple interface for players. This game is somehow old, but its demand is due to the reason that it’s free of cost and there are no complications while joining the game. Even the best thing about this game is that you can play game without signing up. This game allows its player to join the forum without any hustle. 

However, this game is not mostly endorsed because this game will not save your character at the end! In this game, you can explore the whole world set for you in the game and with different monsters and enemies whom you have to kill. You can spend hours to hours on this game. It’s simple and entertaining. 

4) RuneScape 3: 

This is our fourth number game in the alternative to the wizard 101 games. This game is also somehow the oldest one but still, it is termed as “an old one, but a good one.” This game’s popularity is due to its updated versions which come time to time to entertain the players and to add up more features to the game. That’s why this game has survived years to years. 

RuneScape is an MMO that permits players to produce and design their characters along multiple choices. You can unlock different phases by going through different quests and you can also buy a membership for more features to get in. 

This game has a lot to explore and craft and it also gives you many social platform options which makes it even more interesting for players. This game is free of cost for players and membership is just an option if you want to purchase or not. So, it’s a player’s choice to buy the membership or not. 

5) Therian Saga: 

This is our fifth number-rated game in the alternative to wizard 101 games. Therian Saga was launched in 2014. This game is revolved around the mathematical expressions that will allow its players to design their characters. In this game, you will be given some powers to play the game, and if you want to have more power than you can buy potions that will give you more energy for the game. 

Therian Saga has fewer features rather than other games. That’s why it is not as much liked by players. 

Is Wizard101 still a thing? 

Wizard 101 game has some dunk in players count from a couple of years but it still looks like there are many active players present till now. 

What is the best MMORPG 2022? 

There are many MMOs out there, some of them are listed below. 

  • Guild Wars 2. 
  • The Elder Scrolls Online. 
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic. 
  • Black Desert Online. 
  • RuneScape. 
  • EVE Online. 
  • World Of Warcraft. 
  • Final Fantasy XIV. 

Final Verdict: 

We have shared all the best alternatives to games like wizard 101. Wizard 101 game is the oldest one but still, it’s in trend, and due to its high demanded features, many other developers introduce its alternatives along with some new features so that players will be more entertained through the game. For all gaming lovers, we have listed the 5 best games, so you can enjoy them with your friends and have some fun at your weekends or whenever you want to be. If you like our content, please share your thoughts in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you to make it even better for you! 

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