Top 10 Women Linen Pants in 2022

When the season change, you have to make changes in your wardrobe, so most ladies look for the best women linen pants. For your office, and for casual dressing, you will need stylized linen pants. So, we have researched for you to provide you best women’s linen pants information to make it easy for you to opt according to your choice and lifestyle. So, stay with us till the end to consume full details. So, let’s dive into it! 


10 Best women’s Linen pants:

Women Linen Pants

Below is the list of 10 best women linen pants, you can check all the details.

  1. Nap Wide-Cut Linen Pants: 

It is our best pick, as these pants are relaxing enough to wear casually and also for office wear. It has a classy style and good quality in a wide range of colors. It is also budget-friendly so you can purchase it if you have a moderate budget. 

  • Material: It is 55% linen and 45% viscos. 
  • Colors: It has Link Water, Ecru White, Vanilla, and Black colors. 
  • Waist: It is Mid-rise pants. 
  •  Size Range: It comes in S and L sizes. 

2.Old Navy High-Waisted Linen-Blend Wide-Leg Pants: 

If you are looking for more budget-friendly linen pants, then this one is for you. It is our top choice due to its affordable price along with having variant colors and a wide range of sizing. 

  • Material: It has 55% linen and 45% rayon. 
  •  Colors: It has Arugula, Seaborne, and Blackjack colors.  
  •  Waist: This pair of pants is High-rise. 
  •  Care: These pants need to be washed with gentle cycles and should be hung dry.  
  • Size Range: It comes in XS-4X size. 

3.Madewell Cotton-Linen Pleated Wide-Leg Pants: 

It is the best pair of pants for spring and summer. It is a relaxed and comfortable pair of pants with modern stylizing nature. You can also wear it for the office. 

These pants are made up of a cotton-linen mixture that’s why they are softer 100 times more than other linen fabrics. 

  • Material: It comes in Cotton and linen. 
  •   Colors: It has Lighthouse, Vintage Petals, and a Deep Indigo color. 
  •  Care: You can wash it in machine. 
  •  Size Range: It comes in sizes X, and XL. 

4.Urban Outfitters Myla Linen Cargo Pant: 

Linen pants are made-up for beach-going purposes. For especially beach lovers, this pair of pants truly fit. These pants have pockets which makes them more attractive. It is comfortable to wear. 

  • Material: It comes in 45% rayon and 55% linen. 
  •  Colors: It has Ivory, Lime colors. 
  • Waist: It is high-rise pants. 
  •  Care: It can be washed in a machine. 
  •   Size Range: It has XXS-XXXL size available. 

5.IXIMO Casual Cotton Linen Baggy Pants: 

These pairs of pants are comfortable and for a bigger fit. It has a wide range of colors along with new styles variation. It has a nice soft fabric that gives you a cozy feeling. 

  • Material: It has 80% linen and 20% cotton. 
  •   Colors: It has Black, Blue, Burgundy, Gray, and green colors. 
  •   Care: It can be washed in a machine.  
  •   Size Range: It has S-XXL sizes. 

6.Boden Turn-Up Linen Pants: 

These pants are somehow different from traditional linen pants which mostly have beige, green, and only white colors. These linen pants come in vibrant colors such as bright yellow, pink, or green, as well as classics like blue chambray, navy, and white. 

  • Material: It has 100% linen material. 
  •   Colors: It comes with Grey Blue Chambray, Navy, Pea Green, Radish Pink, White, Zinnia Yellow, and Ivory color. 
  •   Waist: It is high-rise pants. 
  •   Care: It can be washed in machine. 
  •  Size Range: It has s, x, and xl, sizes available. 

7.Roxy Oceanside Flared Pants: 

These pants are made up of soft material which is a blend of soft elastic linen. These pants are a perfect choice for summer and for the beach. And these pants are available in a wide range of colors. 

  • Material: It has 55% flax linen and 45% viscose. 
  •   Colors: It has Sea Salt, Mood Indigo, Stone, and True Black color. 
  •   Waist: It is Low-rise pants. 
  •  Care: It can be washed in a machine. 

8. Eileen Fisher Puckered Tapered Linen Pant: 

These are slim-fit linen pants which are a great option for everyone who wants to have a pair of lightweight pants. It is made up of organic linen along the tapered leg and with pockets. Additionally, the gingham print makes it more beautiful with solid colors. 

  • Material: It is 100% linen. 
  •  Colors: It has pebble color only. 
  •  Waist: It is mid- pants. 
  •  Care: It can be washed in a machine. 
  •  Size Range: It has XXS-3X sizes available. 

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9. Free People Feelin’ Good Linen Blend Utility Pants: 

These pairs of pants are a blend of the trend of comfortable style. It is for the ones who want to have perfect pants for summer. These pants are breathable and of linen blend. It is effortless high-waisted pair of pants. As mostly ladies love to wear these kinds of pants which are stylized and easy to wear for summer. 

  • Material: It has 55% linen and 45% cotton. 
  •  Color: It has Black, Eden, Shroomy, Natural, Flowers for 2, and Sea Spray colors. 
  •  Waist: It is high-rise pants. 
  •  Care: It can be washed in a machine. 
  • Size Range: It comes in XS-XL sizes. 

10. Caslon Linen Joggers: 

These pairs of pants look like traditional straighter style pants with some more modern structures. It is of high-quality pants with 100% linen fabric. It has mostly dark and vibrant colors for you. You can choose according to your nature and occasion. 

  • Material: It has 100% linen. 
  •  Color: It has Black, Navy Peacoat, Grey Ebony, and Green Beetle colors. 
  •   Waist: It is Hhgh-rise pants. 
  •  Care: It can be washed in a machine. 
  •  Size Range: It comes in XXS-XXL sizes. 


It was a brief discussion on women’s linen pants for all those women who are looking to have a trendy, comfortable pair of pants. We have tried to share all the best 10 pairs of linen pants along with their features so that it will be easier for you to opt for which one you want to wear. How did you find this content, let us know in the comment section below? We would love to hear from you to make our content more informative for you. 

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