Top 5 Best Prescription Golf Sunglasses in 2022

As a golfer, you should have the best prescription golf sunglasses along the right clubs, as both will help improve your game. A good pair of golf sunglasses will help spot your golf ball, and you can take your golf game to the next level. As in your friend’s circle, you can become the best golfer by having all the best golf game accessories that will surely help you in achieving your goal at an ease. 

 That’s why we have tried and test some best golf sunglasses and bring you the best ones. 

Keep reading to have the details of the best golf sunglasses and how these golf glasses can help you. Now let’s dive right into it! 

Why do you have to Wear Golf Sunglasses? 

Prescription golf sunglasses are the best pair for your golf game. They are specially designed for golf gamers, and they are not only for making your appearance good in addition, but they will also help you in improving your game level. 

Here’s how these golf sunglasses can help you: 

  • It gives you a secure fit. 
  • It helps you in spotting your golf ball easily and it will enhance your sight with color enhancing Lense.  
  • These sunglasses will give you protection against UV rays as golf players are directly exposed to the Sun.  
  • These golf sunglasses are lightweight so it is all-day comfort for your game.  

What shade of sunglasses are best for golf? 

The best sunglass color for golf is brown, dark amber, copper, or cinnamon. These are the best colors for sharp contrast and greens but it allows you to spot the ball easily.

What are the best glasses to wear when playing golf? 

Prescription Golf Sunglasses

The best sunglass to wear while playing Golf are as follows:

1. Oakley Flak 2.0 XL:

2. Nike Windshield Pro Course Tint:

3. Oakley Radar:

4. Under Armour Golf Glimpse:

5. Smith Lowdown 2

5 Best Prescription Golf Sunglasses: 

Below is the list of the best 5 golf sunglasses: 

1. Oakley Flak 2.0 XL: 

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses are our top pick of golf sunglasses that we would like to recommend. First of all, it is a lightweight O Matter frame that is designed for your whole day’s comfort, and its durability is good. It will surely help you in improving your game level. 

Flak 2.0 XL Features: 

  • These golf sunglasses are of high quality and has a semi-rimless design which is designed for your all-day comfort (for summer days). 
  • XL lenses will give you an optimized peripheral view along the UV protection. 
  • These sunglasses are of high-definition optics which will enhance your clarity. 
  • These sunglasses are available with Oakley Prizm Lenses, along with Prizm Golf, and their purpose is to help you in spotting your golf ball.  
  • These golf sunglasses are customized for your game. 

2. Nike Windshield Pro Course Tint: 

Nike Windshield Pro Course Tint Sunglasses are designed for golf players with comfort and superb coverage. In addition, it has Nike Course Tint lenses which are specially designed to enhance your vision. 

Windshield Pro Course Tint Features: 

  • It has a rimmed design with a high wrap lens which will give you maximum coverage in a lightweight sunglasses frame.  
  • It is available with Nike Course Tint lenses, that is designed to enhance contrast and contours for your golf game.  

3. Oakley Radar: 

Oakley Radar sunglasses are again one of the best sunglasses. It is a lightweight O Matter frame along a huge shield Lense. These golf sunglasses will provide you with UV protection along with all-day comfort to wear. You should try these golf sunglasses. 

Radar Features: 

  • It has a lightweight and semi-rimless frame. And a huge shield lens that gives you maximum coverage.  
  • It is available with Oakley’s contrast-enhancing Prizm Golf and Dark Golf lenses. It is designed specifically for golf game players.  
  • These golf sunglasses have nose pads that will enhance comfort and provide grip when there is sweat. 

4. Under Armour Golf Glimpse: 

 Under Armour Golf Glimpse Sunglasses are only purposed for golf players. It has ArmourSight lenses which are best for golf games as they will enhance your sight. 

 These rose-colored lenses give you contrast and color to help you in focusing more on the game. It is the most liked one by golf players due to its features. 

Golf Glimpse Features: 

  • It has a full-frame design and a lightweight structure.  
  • It comes with the ArmourSight lens technology that will provide you with distortion-free vision. 
  • It will enhance contrast and color. 
  • It will protect you against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. 

5. Smith Lowdown 2: 

Smith Lowdown 2 sunglasses give you a natural full-frame design at an affordable price. It is available to you for $99.In addition, we love these golf sunglasses as it gives you enhanced contrast and color for your golf game. It will help you spot your golf ball at an ease. It has nose pads that will give you a grip while sweating or wetting. 

Lowdown 2 Features: 

  • It is lightweight with a full-frame design that provides you with a casual design and comfortable fit. 
  • It has non-slip nose pads for a whole day’s comfort.  
  • It has Chroma Pop lenses that provide you with increased contrast and anti-reflective coatings. 

Can you play golf with prescription glasses? 

 Yes, you can play with prescription glasses. And it is the best choice for golf players. Some other lenses are also present, but they do not provide you with good vision such as bifocals. 

Is it worth getting prescription sunglasses? 

Yes! Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays. But contact lenses are not a good choice for golf players.  

Final Takeaway: 

We have discussed the best prescription golf sunglasses that will add more excitement to your game. As players can perform better with these golf sunglasses. You should try one of the above-mentioned sunglasses to enhance your vision for the game. You can check all the details mentioned above, and pick the one which you like the most. Did you like this content, if yes, let us know in the comment box below.


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