What are the 7 Traits of Leadership? 

To become a successful leader, you must have 7 traits of leadership that have been practiced by great leaders of history. A great leader sets an exceptional example to inspire others.  

A recent survey by Global Leadership Forecast shows that “only 11% of organizations reported that they have a “strong” or “very strong” leadership bench – the lowest it’s been in the past 10 years” 

So, it’s time to discover what are those traits that make you a great leader in your field. It’s not as easy to answer this question as great leaders have so many top qualities along these 7 traits that you can also follow. If you are keen to become a successful leader, then you have to develop these proven traits that we are going to discuss below. So, let’s get dive into it!

What are Leadership Traits? 

Before I tell you about the 7 traits of leadership, first let me tell you about leadership traits. A leadership trait means the personal qualities that reflect the great leader. Leadership stands for the ability of an individual or any company to guide its team members to complete the given goals and objectives within the time frame. 

Leadership plays a vital role in management, as it can help a company to achieve its organizational strategic goals. Leaders are necessary for a community or a company as they motivate people by setting an example and providing them with true guidance to fulfill the given task. 

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What are the 7 leadership Models? 

There are 7 leadership styles in management, each of which has its effective outcomes for a leader.  

  1. Autocratic Leadership. 
  2. Pacesetting Leadership. 
  3. Transformational Leadership. 
  4. Coaching Leadership. 
  5. Democratic Leadership. 
  6. Affiliative Leadership. 
  7. Delegative Leadership.

7 Best Leadership Traits: 

7 Traits of Leadership

Below, we have shared all the best 7 leadership traits that you can also follow.

1. Deliberate Thinking: 

Great leaders are the ones who set the big goals and know the path to achieving them because they can produce an inspiring sight to make sure an excellent outcome. They are confident about their goals and they are never distracted by anything as they are all focused on their work or project. Great leaders perform well under high pressure as they know how to handle every situation effectively. One of the most crucial factors for great leaders is to be good enough to have excellent planning skills and know how to assign different tasks to other team members. 

2. Delegacy: 

Delegacy is somehow strenuous but it’s not a great deal for leaders as they know how to combine and motivate the team members for a project. The leader has to assign the task to their staff according to their skills. So, a leader needs to know all the skills of every team member to draw the best output from them. And a leader has to check that the work they assigned to them is achievable for them realistically or not. And workload should be under their capacities. 

A great leader always gives opportunities to other members so that they can develop more leaders in society by supporting them positively and mentoring them wisely. However, a leader should be honest whenever any team member needs his help at any point. 

3. Good Communication Skills: 

Leaders need to have good and effective communication skills as they have to communicate with other members of an office or a society. Leader should be able to listen to others effectively and communicate with them wisely. A leader that’s why should be clear in talks, and straightforward so that everyone can understand them easily. Thus, clarity in your voice is also an effective skill that you should have to develop to become a great leader. You should not be aggressive in your behavior. 

4. Integrity and Sincerity:

Best leaders are ones who do what is right, and they know how to take the right decisions. They are always reliable and sincere with their work as expected from them. And they support others whenever they need them. People want their advice as they have already set high standards by showing them professional behavior and integrity in practical and personal life. They are honest so that you can consult them for any problem you are facing in your project or some other matter of life. 

5. Sympathy: 

Great leaders give people more importance than projects or tasks. They have a soft corner, and sympathy and are always willing to listen to others. They are ready to help you at any time, whether you need professional help or personal, they understand your situation and needs. That’s why, you should build a positive relationship with such people who you know that they are successful and ready to help you every time you call them. 

6. Flexibility in Behavior: 

As we all are different, so we have different skills along with variant management keys but the leaders always know the right management key to hold a successful project. Flexibility is crucial for a leader as sometimes things do not go in the right direction, and you should be flexible enough to make and accept some changes in your project or plans. Leaders can face any challenges that come during any project or task. 

7. Devotion: 

 Great leaders know how to take their projects forward with positive energy and devotion to make them successful. If a leader is not passionate about the project, then you are unable to convenience others to be. Devotion is needed for any work you are handling. So, you should show your enthusiasm and devotion for any task you have taken so that you can inspire others in this way.

What are the Top 7 keys to successful leadership? 

  1. You should be somehow light in your mode as your company employees can easily share their ideas in front of you. 
  2. Identify your achievements.  
  3.  You have to set your goals. 
  4.  You have to delegate wisely.  
  5.  You should always have a backup plan. 
  6.  You have to give time to your employees. 
  7. Communicate with your team members or employees.


As we have discussed the best 7 traits of leadership. Now, if any of you want to become a great leader then, you can follow up on the above-mentioned traits. A great leader is not born by birth, he works on himself, builds high authority traits, and sticks to them and after that, he become a great leader. If you find it worth reading, comment below to share your thoughts. 

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