Canna Bumps Reviews 2022 – Snorting Weed Is it legit or not?

Canna Bumps are hugely popular in different countries, but it is an addictive product so it’s important to know canna bumps reviews. Canna bumps company made it in the form of powder which is usually consumed as the cocaine is taken and it comes in the form of white powder. So, before you go to purchase this product have a look at the details, we are going to share with you. So, let’s dive into it! 


What are Canna Bumps? 

Before sharing Canna Bumps reviews, let me tell you about canna bumps. It is a new product that is a “snortable” powdered cannabis condensed package that looks like cocaine. It has caught the eye of huge industrialists. And even they also show their reaction by tweeting on Twitter. That’s why it is famous as Canna bumps. The name Canna Bumps is assigned because it is taken as a small sniff of cocaine. 

“Have fun with your cannabis along our unique cannabis concentrate. Canna Bumps are just what they sound like – cannabis concentrate designed to be consumed through the nose ingested directly or added to your favorite food, “It is the product description. 

Characteristics of Canna Bumps: 

Below we have shared all the characteristics of Canna Bumps: 

• Canna Bumps product is available on different e-commerce websites. 

• Canna Bumps have a total weight of 3 grams.

• Canna Bumps have a pleasant splash, and it is not bitter.  

• Canna Bumps contain gluten-free, vegan, and GMO. 

• Canna Bumps come in a glass tube. 

•It comes in the form of white powder. 

Are Canna Bumps safe to use? 

canna bumps reviews

It’s time to have a deep look at canna bumps so that we will understand if it is safe to use or not. 

• Canna bumps product has huge popularity among a large community. 

• There are somehow mixed reviews about this product, some say that it is worth taking, and some do not like it. 

• The product is made for only people who are above 19 years, and it should be kept away from children. 

• This product company did not mention all its ingredients.   

Canna Bumps price comes in the range of $ 30.  

Canna Bumps is listed on the Leafly and Weedmaps website:

Due to canna bumps’ popularity, it was listed on Leafly and Weedmaps websites. But unfortunately, it was eradicated from both websites. 

In the canna bumps description, it is written that this product permits THC molecules to convey directly into the blood circulation, via the nasal cavity, passing through the liver, and then finally into your digestive system. It will show instant results. 

Canna bumps come in a three-gram box that contains 600mg (about half the weight of a small paper clip) of THC, and a 10mg bump that gives 2mg of TDC-The kit of canna bumps contains a coke spoon. 

 Upsides of Canna Bumps: 

Following are the upsides of canna Bumps: 

• Canna Bumps is a gluten-free product.  

• Canna Bumps is a vegan product. 

• Canna Bumps can be purchased on several e-commerce stores.  

• Canna Bumps is a product that is considered pure. 

Downsides of Canna Bumps: 

Following are the downsides of canna bumps: 

• Canna Bumps is not for those who are under 19 years old. This product should be kept away from the reach of children. 

• This product is a concentrated type of “Canna Bumps” concentrate and a composite concentrated cannabis form. 

• There is no scientific proof of this product’s benefits available. 

Warning about this product by the Government: 

  • This product has cannabis, a controlled substance so keeps it away from children and animal reach. 
  • It should not be consumed by people who are under 19 years of age. 
  • This product has toxic effects that last for at least 2 hours. 
  • It should not be consumed by the ladies who are pregnant or feeding mothers as it is harmful to them. 
  • You should not drive and do not operate any machinery when you take canna bumps dose. 

Follow all the above-mentioned precautions to avoid any harm to you. 

Reviews on Canna Bumps: 

 All the people who have used or using these canna bumps have reacted differently at different social media sites such as Reddit and Facebook and their thoughts are such: 

• “Screw this company and their horrible product! Glorifying cocaine/meth culture. Just what we need is to explain how cannabis is not a gateway drug…again. This is so far away from what the plant represents. This product makes me embarrassed to be a part of cannabis culture.” 

• “Save your money and grab some canna-heroin. Why just smoke it when you can inject that THC straight into a vein.” 

• “Honestly, it’s an interesting product idea. BUT… very ridiculous at the same time. Snorting THC?! Wtf?!” 

• “People already complain that dabbers look like crackheads, this is the next evolution.” 

• “I would try it. I’m very disappointed in those who continue to perpetuate stigma around drug use by shaming people who choose different ingestion routes than they do. There are already medical Cannabis nasal mists and inhalable powder formulations currently being developed.” 

• “Shameful. Ammunition for those who would keep Cannabis controlled.” 

Now, you have a lot of people reviewing, so you can decide on your own whether you want to take this product or not.

From Where can you Buy Canna Bumps? 

You can buy this product from online e-commerce stores, but its price may differ from site to site. 

Normally, its price is around $30. Before you buy it, you can check the testimonial on the Canna Bumps Facebook page. 

You can buy this product at your own risk, as it has positive and negative effects on your body and its advertising is also less.

Final Takeaway: 

It was a detailed discussion on the canna bumps and canna bumps reviews. So, now it is easy for you to decide whether you want to consume this product or not. But do not take it until you reach the age of 19 or 21. So, is it worth reading? If yes, let us know in the comment box below. We are also opened to having your suggestions to make our content more interesting for you. 

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