What do you put in a Lululemon belt bag? 

The new version of the old ’90s bag is the lululemon belt bag. You know what if we talk about fashion and trends, it always comes back around. 

This belt bag has got a lot of popularity globally as it is one bag for everywhere as it can hold your all-basic accessories for any urgent situation. Due to its high popularity and demand, we have decided to explore this one for you, as we will share its styling features and its cleaning tips with you. 

Keep reading to consume all the details. So, let’s get directly into it: 

How you can Wear this bag: 

  • Across the Chest: 

The most popular way of wearing a lululemon bag is across the chest. It is the most convenient position while you are traveling outside in urban areas. In this way, you can have quick access to your accessory. This is the best-styled position especially when you are going to travel outside the country as you can put your passport, boarding pass, etc. 

  • Across from your back: 

Another easy way to wear a belt beg is to wear it across your back. This style of wearing a bag belt has some advantages and some disadvantages. This style is opted by those who mostly go hiking. It may be its advantage, but its disadvantage is that it is placed in your bag so if you need something in hurry, you cannot access it easily. 

  • On shoulder: 

Another way to wear it is that you can wear it on your shoulder. This is the style that is usually opted for when you are in some hurry. When you may be late for the office you can easily take your bag and put it on your shoulder and that’s it. But if you have enough time, then go for the above-mentioned styles. 

Why does everyone have a Lululemon belt bag? 

This bag got popular after a TikTok video of a TikToker who used to wear this bag in her video and got 40,0000 like over that video. You know social media platforms are something which surely does great marketing of products. That is why now people hire marketing experts.

Is lululemon belt bag waterproof? 

This bag is water-resistant as it is water-repellent. It means if something spills on your bag, then do not worry about it. This is water resistant but not waterproof, so I do not recommend it. It is designed for traveling purposes but not as an ideal one. Hence, it is up to you if you want to try this bag.

How you can style the lululemon belt bag: 

  • Monochromatic style: 

One of my favorite styles is a monochromatic style in which you can style this lululemon everywhere belt bag while wearing cozy joggers along a white mock long-neck sleeve. 

You must use an off-white belt bag that will give you a monochromatic look along with sporty shoes. This is the most liked and perfect look for energetic running on your weekends and gives you a stunningly beautiful look. You do not look clumsy in this look. 

  • Girly style look: 

If you want to look somehow girly or feminine look then go for this style. You can wear this belt with plain white long sleeves and pink joggers. This look is also for your weekends when you go for jogging. 

What is the best way to clean a lululemon belt bag? 

The Lululemon Belt Bag can be washed easily, you do not have to worry about it if it gets stained over it. Follow the below mentioned ways to clean your bag:

  • Use soapy water: 

If your belt bag has some spots on it, then use warm water and dish soap to clean the spots. You can also use a washcloth to scrub the spot and stain it out. 

  • Swamp into the warm water: 

Another way of cleaning this bag is that you can submerge it into the water using dish soap. Then use a large scrub brush to clean the bag. 

Does lululemon have a white belt bag? 

Yes, amazon has this high-rated white lululemon bag. It has good prices along with good features. Amazing will ship it to you immediately after you place your order.

How can you store your bag?

You can store this belt bag on any flat surface. Because of its flat position, it has less pressure, so its real design will remain constant. 

What is the Lululemon belt bag everyone has? 

This tiny bag has interior and exterior pockets so that you can have a lot of space for your keys, wallets, and phone. And this bag comes in a variety of multiple colors and an adjustable strap. Thus, go for this bag and enjoy your traveling.

Cost of lululemon belt bag: 

The cost of this bag depends on which style you opt for yourself. As the prices are different for different styles. However usually, this bag cost you $38 to $58.  

The lululemon belt bag in a large size costs you $48. And the fleece belt bag cost you $58. Thus, if you want to have a discount on this bag, then go to different online marketplaces, and search for discounts, you may find some offers. But if you are from a military background, then you will get 15 %. You can apply for 15 % off if you are applicable for it. 

From where can I buy this bag? 

You can buy this bag from the following places: 

  • Poshmark 
  • Facebook Marketplace 
  • eBay 
  • Amazon 
  • Alibaba 

If you are going to buy it from Posh, you can use a referral code and get 15 % off on your purchase. 

Is Lululemon still making belt bags? 

Lululemon belt bags are still manufacturing but now it is called as everywhere belt bags. And yes, it is an everywhere bag as it can hold your all-necessary item in one bag. 

Final Thought: 

It was detailed content on the lululemon belt bag and its styling ways. If you are a traveling lover, then you should have this bag as it is called as everywhere bag. Is it worth reading? If yes, let us know in the comment box below. 

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