Where is Drata located? What is Drata Compliance? 

Drata is a security and compliance automation firm that aims to monitor continuously and gather proof of a company’s security controls while streamlining compliance progress end-to-end to secure audit accessibility. This company recognizes the importance of its customers, and they know how to maintain it by keeping their data secure. They know how to maintain strong security to secure their company reputation.  

We are going to discuss Drata in detail, keep reading till the end to consume all data. So.let’s dive into it! 

What is Drata Compliance? 

Drata is the world’s most trusted security and compliance automation company that is on a mission to assist companies in securing their customer data. This platform has a purpose to provide thousands of compliance companies for SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, custom structures, and many more via continuous programmed control monitoring and verification collection. Drata is a tool that is used for security purposes by tech companies. 

Where is the Drata platform based? 

Drata is based in San Diego. Drata is a public company since it is initiated in January 2021. This company gained 100 happy and satisfied customers only within its first 45 days (about 1 and a half months). And in 2022, they reach thousands of successful customers. 

Drata Founders: 

The Drata founding team has the following members: 

  • Adam Markowitz: 

He is the co-founder and also CEO of this platform. He is a retired rocket scientist in relentless pursuit of automating manual tasks. 

  • Daniel Marashlian: 

He is the CTO and Co-founder of this platform, and he has more than 15 years of experience related to monitoring and building SaaS companies. 

  • Troy Markowitz: 

He is the CRO and Co-founder of Drata. He was a team member at BDO, EMC. 

Drata Principles: 

Drata is defined by its principles which are as follows: 

  • Enlarged Trust Rate: 

Trust is the most valuable asset, which is earned by the consistent productivity they provide to their customer over time. 

  • Integrity: 

Another principle is integrity that Drata keeps on, they are on the way to providing the right things. 

  • Customer Compulsive: 

Drata does all things that should revolve around the customer’s needs and purposes. 

  • Fierce: 

Drata is all fierce, as it pushes them to work hard and provide all products and services that no one else could not. 

  • Divergence:

 Drata comes with a divergence that provides a better future viewpoint of a problem. 

  • Automation: 

Drata is all set to provide companies with the best products that will save their time and money.

Drata Purpose: 

Drata platform is ready all the time to help companies in securing their secrets and data while building trust with them. These platforms believe that you can get the trust of your customers by providing what they deserve for the first time, take your first-time customer as your last trail to survive in the market. Drata has gained such huge popularity in a short period, as now, in 2022, they have thousands of happy customers.  

What does the Drata agent do? 

The Drata agent is an application that you can download on your computer or device. This application grants READ ONLY access to your device preferences to assist you to ensure proper security layout – such as screensaver locking, password manager, antivirus software & enabled automatic updates.

Drata’s Features: 

Below we have shared all the Drata features, have a look at them all. 

  • Drata is a security and compliance automation company. 
  • Drata gained the first 100 satisfied customers within 45 days (about 1 and a half months) of its launch. 
  • Drata has one of the best founding teams which makes it the number-one company. 
  • Drata receives your complaints faster than ever before. 
  • Drata provides security and compliance along automated monitoring. 
  • Drata secures data of their customers. 
  • Drata has automated tracking and smooth workflows. 
  • Drata helps in providing a company’s overall security for its growth and improvement.

What data does Drata collect? 

It is a lightweight agent that can read your system preferences such as firewall status and screen lock. We are aiming to ensure the companies that their internal security is on the safe end by providing them with frameworks such as SOC2.

Drata vision: 

 Drata envisions a future where many companies can take the right initiative along a strong security and compliance position. Thus, they are more focused on their company growth and innovation rather than worried about their data and security. 

100th Customer of Drata: 

Drata has had a huge success rate in just its first 45 days (about 1 and a half months), as it gained 100 customers on My 1 2020. This platform is aimed to grow day by day.

$25M Series A guide by GGV Capital:  

 On June 1, 2021, Drata raises $25M elevating a financing guide by GGV capital to continue rapid growth to scale up its compliance automation business. And they are working to inflate its service by offering additional frameworks like ISO 27001, HIPAA, and many others. 

ISO 27001 Mechanization: 

Drata has enlarged its service and product. And its services include ISO 27001, on the way to growing and becoming the highest-rated company. 

  • #1 Top-Rated Cloud Compliance Software on G2:   

Just After 8 months in the market, Drata is known as an independent company site G2 as the top-rated cloud compliance software. 

  • $100M Sequence B at $1 B evaluation, led by ICONIQ growth: 

Drata received $100 M of a sequence of B investment just 10 months after its launch. This investment makes it a top-rated company. This company has invested this money in enhancing its products and services to make the company grow rapidly. 

Final Words: 

We have shared all the features and basics of the Drata platform, which is a huge name in the market. It provides security license to companies so that they can grow without worrying about any legal problem of hacking their sensitive data. Drata is used by companies and developers. If you are going to set up your company, then you should have a strong security set-up for your rapid growth. 

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