Why is my iPhone not sending Text Messages?

If you are having a problem or difficulty in sending messages from your iPhone and you are searching why is my iPhone not sending text messages. Then you are at the right place, we are going to explore this query today. 

But before you try anything else, first close and re-open your messages app and you must check your phone signal strength. You can check signals at your iPhone status bar. If it shows low signals, then you may be at a place where the signals are not good.  Then you should change your location and try again to send a message. 

Additionally, it may be due to some negligence. Your phone may be in airplane mode. Keep reading till the end to have all the details. So, let’s dive into it. 


10 Ways to Fix the issue: 

Below we are going to share 10 ways to solve your problem of Why is my iPhone not sending text messages. 

1. Check the Contact list: 

Sometimes, your iPhone shows a “Not Delivered” or “Message Failed to Send “error when your contact number is not correct. If this problem happens, for the very first time, then maybe your recipient phone number is not right. But if the problem is still the same after correcting the number, then the recipient number may be disconnected. 

2. Check Your Phone Balance: 

You should have a balance or message package to send SMS. If you have to send a message in the local territory, then you have cheaper rates compared to the international SMS rates. It is good to have an SMS package for a week or month so that you do not have to worry about the balance for sending SMS at any time. And for a better experience, then go for the unlimited SMS package. If you do not know how to activate an SMS package, then call your network representative and get all the information you need. 

3. Verify the iMessage Set-up Status: 

Another thing you must check is your network availability. When you are unable to send your iMessage then go to Apple’s system status page and point the iMessages on the servicing list. 

If the status signal is green, then everything is working correctly but if it is yellow or red then there is a problem with your iMessages. Now, you must restore your Apple setting to solve the problem.

4. Connect Wi-Fi or Phone data: 

For sending and receiving iMessage’s you should have Wi-Fi or an internet connection. If you are facing an issue while receiving and sending your iMessage’s then, confirm that your data is on, or you can also on your Wi-Fi connection. 

5. Restart your Message app: 

It is an easy way to resolve your problem, by just restarting your message App, sometimes the problem is fixed by just doing this simple thing.  

6. MMS should be Enabled: 

If you have an issue in receiving and sending MMS, videos, and pictures then maybe your MMS messaging is disabled on your iPhone. 

Follow these simple steps to enable MMS. 

  • You have to open your iPhone Settings app, and then click on Messages, scroll to the SMS/MMS section and turn on MMS Messaging. 
  • MMS messaging needs solid network signals or Wi-Fi to send and receive MMS or any other media files. 
  • Go to Settings > Mobile Data and turn on Mobile Data. 

7. Turn off the Airplane Mode: 

Sometimes, there is a simple issue while receiving and sending your SMS or MMS is that your phone may be at airplane mode. And you know what in Airplane mode you are unable to connect with anyone until you turn off the Airplane mode. 

8. Check your Date & Time Settings: 

Your iPhone is not receiving or sending messages if data mad time is not set. You must follow the steps below to set your iPhone date and time. 

  • Go to Settings > General > Date & Time and switch on Set Automatically. 

Wait for a while and send your SMS again to check if the problem is solved or not. 

9. Re-Insert your SIM: 

This is the best trick to solve this issue, by just reinserting your sim card. Take out your sim card from your iPhone and place it back in the sim tray. Doing this simple step will automatically update the carrier install settings. 

10. Fix Carrier Settings: 

If your problem is not solved, then you must update the carrier setting to fix the bugs and network-related issues. In this way, your network connection will become stronger.

If your carrier setting is out of date, then your iPhone will not send or receive SMS. You must follow the below-shared steps to resolve this issue manually. 

  •  First of all, you must Connect your iPhone to a data or Wi-Fi, and then go to Settings > General > About, and wait until the issue is resolved. 

Why are text messages not being delivered? 

We have shared a lot of reasons why is my phone not sending text messages, but the very simple reason is that the recipient has blocked your number. Sometimes, another reason is that the recipient has installed some app, which is why your SMS is not sending, or maybe you have some illegal content. 

Why does my phone keep saying the message failed to send? 

Sometimes, a common problem in sending messages is that your recipient is out of reach or out of coverage. And yes, another issue is that your message length exceeds more than 160 characters. 

Final Words: 

We have shared all the best ways through which you can solve your query about why my iPhone is not sending text messages. You can try any of the above-mentioned ways to resolve this issue. But before you go for complex ways try simple ways that we have discussed in the introduction. How did you find this content, let us know in the comment box below? We would love to hear from you.

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