Which is better Jira or Rally?

If you are a marketing strategist, then you should know the Jira or rally difference and their uses. In this revolutionary age, it is strenuous to choose software because of the abundance of software in the market.

Agile is a software that is new advanced developing software and is adopted globally. But due to the launch of other software, now people are confused about picking the best one. And two famous tools are Jira and Rally. If you want to have all details related to Jira and Rally, then stick with us till the end. Let ‘s directly dive into it! 


What is Jira? 

Most people have a question that Is Jira same as rally? Jira is a tool that is designed to track bugs and issues for a project. Rally is an end-to-end solution for all the issues related to a project and it covers all the needs of users. If you are using Rally, then you do not need to buy any other module for your project.

What is Rally? 

Rally Software was known as CA Agile central. It is a SaaS affirm that is used to handle Agile software, or you can say that it is used along Agile software, or it is made for Agile software assistance. It is used to take the right decisions for your company, and it empowers your employees to be focused on the right direction.

It is considered the main point of initiating any project, as a company creates a whole draft of their project before starting it and this tool helps them in many variant ways. 

Rally vs. Jira: Feature Comparison: 

Jira and Rally both project management tools have different features in them. And for sure their users have different experiences also, as many people ask that What is Jira and rally used for? Jira Software and Rally Software are both used for project management based on Agile projects.

Jira or Rally

Jira tool was developed with the assistance of Agile software, but it can be used for other projects also. Whereas Rally is strictly based on Agile software development projects.

Below we have shared a table about their different features:

Cloud and on-premises optionsNoYes
Scrum and kanban supportYesYes
Thousands of plug-ins for integrationsNoYes
Customizable organizational levelsYesNo
Built-in resource managementYesNo

Difference between Jira & Rally: 

  • Tool: 

Atlassian Jira is a complete project management tool that tracks all the issues that may come up during your project and that’s why it is called your help desk. We can say that it is a complete project management tool. Most experts recommend using Jira along with Agile, but it is up to you.

On the other hand, Rally Software is considered the most convenient tool which is used to handle Agile software-related projects. Rally is used to estimate the time frame needed for the project and all the resources needed to complete the project.  

  • Convenient: 

If we talk about the Rally, which is a flexible tool that helps companies to plan, manage and track their project progress easily. Rally has somehow fewer features compared to Jira. Jira is a more advanced tool and does not need a lengthy setup to complete the project. It is easier to adapt. Jira is considered the more intuitive and with an easy interface. So, that you can easily navigate from one page to another. 

  • Functionality: 

Jira is considered the best one among its competitive software as it has great functionality or workflow which others do not own. By using Jira, you customize your workflow by making some changes in your project where it is needed. And if we talk about Rally, the functionality of it is somehow not as good and its workflow is also fixed so you are unable to customize it according to your need. You have to follow up its given path. 

  • Control Panel: 

Jira has an advanced control panel that permits you to customize your dashboard. You can add tabs on your control panel to become updated about your projects. Your control panel allows you to change anything you want to have a clear picture of what is happening in your project. Rally allows you to customize your dashboard with the help of a control panel from which you can have a complete view of your team and your project. 

  • Cost: 

Jira is somehow good compared to rally as it offers a free plan for a small team of up to ten members along with a storage of 2GB. Its paid plan starts from $7 per and along with a storage of 250 GB. And its premium plan starts from $14 along with 24/7 customer support. Rally does not offer a free plan and its pricing starts from $49. 

Is there a better tool than Jira? 

Asana has come out as the other most popular project management tool. It helps in communication with the team during the whole project handling. Some people thought that Asana has replaced the Jira in market somehow. But it is up to you, you can choose according to your preference. 

Final Words: 

It was detailed content on Jira vs Rally and its features. If you are a project manager, then it will help you to consider one of them. But both are used equally in the marketing strategy. Are you a project manager? Have you ever used these tools? Which one is your favorite? Share your experience in the comment box below.

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